slaveintraining: More of the serf flashing in public. Wearing her VILLEIN collar and a shirt that…


More of the thrall flashing in public. Wearing her BONDMAN collar and a shirt that says “DONT WORRY, MY SPOUSE SHARES”.

There’s often a debate about the nature of the (contemporary) definition of a cuckold and as members of the community know, I define it as a husband who shares his dirty slut wife from a position lacking authority. I’ve never told that sharing alone is the definition of a cuckold, so this couple is a clear case where the spouse shares her from a position of overt authority and bravo to them both for that.

Just to be clear, sharing from a passive perspective is still a position lacking overt authority and is typically a spouse trying to have his cake without getting the frosting on his face.

Charming sure there’s a hidden message in there?

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Sex News: Bigfoot porn, Les Moonves, murder over porn, Fortnite porn parody, another Nxivm arrest

  • “A Democratic candidate in a hotly contested U.S. House race in Virginia has accused her opponent of supporting white supremacists — oh, and also of liking Bigfoot porn … “My ‘buddies’ thought this pic was fitting for my birthday next week,” read a caption, “and to celebrate my new book release in about a month or 2… ‘Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him.’””
    * Bigfoot Porn Has Become A Major Controversy In A U.S. House Race. Seriously. (Huffington Post)
  • “CBS’ CEO Leslie Moonves will remain at the helm of the media company as the board of directors launches an investigation into allegations that he sexually assaulted several women over decades. The decision was made after an hours-long board meeting on Monday, just three days after The New Yorker published a detailed report that included the accounts of six women who claim Moonves thwarted their acting careers after rejecting his verbal or physical advances. Some of the alleged assaults date back to the 1980s through the 2000s.”
    * Les Moonves Remains At Helm As CBS Investigates Sexual Misconduct Allegations (NPR)
  • “Patricia Hill is the first to admit it: she killed her husband after he purchased porn. Now, Hill, 69, has been arrested and charged with capital murder after her husband, 65-year-old Frank Hill, was found dead.”
    * Wife admits to killing her husband after he purchased porn (KATV)
  • “It’s no surprise that Fortnite is, by far, the most popular game in the world right now. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that it’s been immortalized with a truly NSFW porn parody that pulls out all the stops to make a sleazy production feel equal parts hilarious and smutty (that is, if you think anything Fortnite-related is sexy).”
    * This ‘Fortnut’ porn parody of Fortnite is equal parts sexy and hilarious (Daily Dot)

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  • “DF Productions’ Dogfart Network specializes in “interracial” porn, which, by industry definition, specifically entails sex between a Black man and a white woman—and which often deliberately portrays Black men as racial stereotypes. In the lawsuit, McKnight characterizes DF Productions as a company that “targets racist viewers and entices them into paying DFI money in exchange for the right to view racist adult films.””
    * What ‘Interracial’ Cuckold Porn Reveals About White Male Insecurity (Broadly/Vice)
  • “There is an entire genre of “frum” (meaning Orthodox) erotica online and in print, which blends elements of sex, God, and kink while keeping it kosher. “Just because Orthodox Jews live what appear to be more culturally conforming existences, doesn’t mean that there isn’t passion and play in their intimate lives,” said Shosha Pearl, a frum erotica novelist.”
    * “I Saw Kink In God”: Dominatrixes And Their Orthodox Jewish Clients (BuzzFeed)
  • “Eighth Grade is a highly-acclaimed coming-of-age movie about a 13-year-old American girl enduring the trials and tribulations of modern adolescence. But while teenagers in the US might well relate to the movie’s heroine, they won’t be able to see the movie in theaters—unless they’re at least 17 or accompanied by a parent or guardian.”
    * The vast gap between how the US and Europe think about teens and sex (Quartz)
  • “A liquor heiress is facing charges of funding a suspected US sex cult whose recruits were allegedly branded with the initials of its founder. Seagram scion Clare Bronfman, 39, is accused of using her fortune to help finance Nxivm’s operations … Six people have now been charged as part of the inquiry, including 35-year-old Smallville actress Allison Mack.”
    * Heiress among four arrested in ‘sex cult’ (BBC)
  • “My microwave beeps three times to indicate that a tube sock filled with uncooked rice is sufficiently heated. I enter the kitchen apprehensively, first making sure my roommate has left for the day. Then I nudge the sock a couple times to check the temperature before draping it over my semi-erect penis for three to five minutes.”
    * What I Learned From Hiring a Coach to Grow My Dick Bigger (MEL Magazine)

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  • “A topiarist says he is having to make regular repairs to his hedge due to drunk people pretending to have sex with it. Keith Tyssen has maintained his “privet lady” at his Sheffield home since 2000, but is often woken up in the night by distracted passers-by … Mr Tyssen has considered putting up a sign or an alarm to curb the behaviour.”
    * Topiarist ‘disgusted by drunk hedge sex’ (BBC)
  • “Uganda regulators today ordered all of the country’s ISPs to block all foreign and domestic porn sites, according to a report. The Uganda Communication Commission said that already 27 porn sites have been singled out, Journal du reported. Those sites were not identified at post time.”
    * Uganda Regulators Order Blocking of Porn Sites (XBIZ)

Main post photo: Melodie Vaxelaire posing for Paul Morel and Slimi Magazine, via Portraits of Girls.

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sub-male:Female Supremacy. It’s undeniable. Her dominance is…


Female Supremacy. It’s undeniable.

Her dominance is undeniable for a male who can merely perceive her as dom or for fellows that babe can only relate to as a dominant. This does not preclude her from giving herself to a male this babe doesn’t perceive this way. In fact, this is exactly what happens through cuckolding.

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It’s unlikely that this wife could orally service a dick this…

It’s unlikely that this wife could orally service a pecker this well, especially a full-sized one, previous to she became a hotwife and was properly tutored by a male not her husband. This is quite common and why her husband obviously values capturing her service to his pecker despite the humbling of knowing how she came to have such skill.

cuckold, chastity, interracial, comparison, contrast, hotwife, cuckold threesome, hotwife, follower submission, cuckold, Dom, submission