Sex News: Sex worker safety threat from Google, Bangladesh blocks 20K sites, monogamy vs. female libido

  • “Ugly Mugs, a commonly used safety app for sex workers in Ireland and the UK, is facing removal from the Android Play Store following changes to Google’s permissions policy. Ugly Mugs allows sex workers to screen incoming calls and text messages from clients, using an alert system to flag potentially dangerous clients based on reports from other sex workers.”
    * Sex worker safety app ‘Ugly Mugs’ may be removed from Android Play Store under new permissions policy (NSWP)
  • “The Manatomy Awards themselves really do span the gamut. Not only are tried-and-true categories like “Best Butt,” “Best Full-Frontal” and “Best Gay Scene” represented, but Mr. Man also got … creative, and not in a safe-for-work way. From “Best Celebrity Taint” and “Cleanest Butthole” to “Best Ass in the Grass,” some of these awards for on-screen nudity are downright shocking!”
    * The Naked Celebrity Experts at Mr. Man Have Awards for All Their Favorite On-Screen Nudity (Hornet)

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  • “Bangladeshi authorities have blocked almost 20,000 websites as part of “war against pornography”. Popular social media apps such as TikTok and Bigo – which authorities believe are misused – have also been blocked in the South Asian nation, Jabbar said. Apps including Instagram and Facebook are also being monitored as part of the crackdown. Most of the blocked sites are foreign, but a few local websites and social media platforms have also faced action under the crackdown, he added.”
    * Country bans internet pornography as part of ‘war’ on indecency (Yahoo News UK)
  • “Writing for The Topeka Capital-Journal, Tim Carpenter reported on a pair of bills introduced in the Kansas House last week that ostensibly seek to fund human trafficking initiatives by mandating default content blocking features on all new internet-capable devices sold in the state; and by imposing a sin tax on customers visiting adult-oriented businesses.”
    * Kansas Lawmakers Want Porn Money (Again) (XBIZ)

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  • “Singapore’s parliament may make the practice of “stealthing” – the act of non-consensually removing a condom during sex – illegal, in a landmark bill that also addresses revenge porn and upskirting … People convicted of stealthing could be imprisoned for up to 10 years, according to the bill’s current text. Those found guilty could also be caned.”
    * ‘Stealthing’: Singapore set to jail or cane men who remove condom during sex without consent (Independent)
  • “It’s not uncommon for women to let their straight partners play in a “monogamy gray zone,” to give guys access to tensional outlets that allow them to cheat without really cheating. “Happy ending” massages, oral sex at bachelor parties, lap dances, escorts at conferences … influenced by ubiquitous pop-cultural cues, many people believe that men need these opportunities for recreational “sorta sex” because “it’s how men are.” It’s how women are, too, it seems.”
    * The Bored Sex (The Atlantic)
  • “In rejecting a San Francisco resident’s request for a vanity license plate that would have been shorthand for “leather daddy,” the DMV noted the phrase’s “sexual connotation” and how it can be read “as a term of lust or depravity” in the letter it sent to Robert Haynes in January explaining its decision.”
    * CA DMV rejects leather vanity plate (Bay Area Reporter)
  • “A recent example of porn’s robotic trend was highlighted in a recent article in the U.K.’s “Mirror,” which looked at web sci-fi series “Future Darkly,” an Adult Time production featuring the Aura Doll in a product placement deal alongside human co-stars Whitney Wright and Tommy Pistol. The series will run in six episodes between February and July 2019.”
    * Sex Robots: Porn’s Next Frontier? (XBIZ)

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  • “A team of medieval historians working in the archives at the University of York has found evidence that a nun in the 14th century faked her own death and crafted a dummy “in the likeness of her body” in order to escape her convent and pursue – in the words of the archbishop of the time – “the way of carnal lust”.”
    * Archive shows medieval nun faked her own death to escape convent (Guardian)
  • “Costing about $10,000, the RealDoll X robotic system makes lifelike facial movements and connects onto the bodies of the RealDoll silicone love doll line. However, the RealDoll X app can also be used on its own if you aren’t ready to fork out thousands for the animatronic head.”
    * RealDoll Upgrades AI App, Considers Expanding Sexbot Factory Due to High Demand (Future of Sex)

Main post photo via: #NotYourValentine: Controversial Brand Honey Birdette Lingerie Flashmob Takes To Sydney (Design You Trust)

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Wear tentacle sex on your feet with Hokusai shunga erotic print sneakers

The Internet allows us to have tentacle porn at our fingertips, but what about on our feet?

In a further sign that shunga Japanese erotic woodblock prints are no longer the taboo they once were, now you can enjoy Hokusai’s The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife (or more literally, The Octopus and the Female Diver, which is probably the most famous (and arguably original) iteration of tentacle sex, on your feet with these sneakers.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched in Japan to raise ¥500,000 to make these sneakers a product. So far, the organizers have attracted 33 patrons and half its funding target. There are 28 days to go until the end of the campaign. (Somewhat ironically, the shoes are actually made in China.)

The sneakers are very nicely designed, spreading out the Hokusai visuals across the two shoes so you can put your feet together and recreate the print.

shunga hokusai octopus fishermans wife dream tentacle sex sneakers shoes

shunga hokusai octopus fishermans wife dream tentacle sex sneakers shoes

shunga hokusai octopus fishermans wife dream tentacle sex sneakers shoes

shunga hokusai octopus fishermans wife dream tentacle sex sneakers shoes

shunga hokusai octopus fishermans wife dream tentacle sex sneakers shoes

shunga hokusai octopus fishermans wife dream tentacle sex sneakers shoes

Here is the original from 1814.

hokusai sex tentacle rape fishermans dream wife erotic print japanese

Hokusai’s iconic image, which depicts a large octopus having sex with a woman, has continued to inspire Japanese erotic art and photography in the present, and even TV shows.

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Sex survey finds that 15.2% of women in Japan cheating on partners

Sagami doesn’t just make incredibly thin and accomplished condoms, it also conducts research on adult tastes and sexual customs in Japan. In fact, along with Tenga, Japan’s contraception manufacturers are the most reliable sources for information and data.

And these can sometimes turn up surprising, even shocking, results.

One recent survey conducted with 14,100 people in October and November last year across Japan’s 47 prefectures nationwide found that 15.2% of women were cheating on their partner or sleeping with at least one more person.

Needless to say, the result for men was higher — with one in four (26.4%) admitting to sleeping with another person other than their partner — though this is not a shock per se, given the traditionally lower moral qualms men have about such matters and, sans kids and off “at the office” for long hours, the comparative freedom they might have in their schedules.

Where is all this adultery and cheating going on? Not in the heart of the city, it seems, but in the suburbs. The highest result among both male and female respondents came from people residing in Saitama, at 31.03%, which is a prefecture neighboring Tokyo to the north (and where women’s breasts are apparently getting much bigger). At second came Kyoto, the old capital and famed for classical culture, with 25.63%.

You have to go all the way down the list to 12th to find Tokyo, with a modest 22.69%.

japanese girl adultery cheating sex survey angela mei

Incidentally, the survey also found that Saitama had the highest rate of condom usage, with 50.67%, which compared with the lowest rate, among respondents in Kochi, where just 36.67% said they used condoms.

In terms of ages, men and women in their thirties are the least faithful to their partners, with 30.9% and 17.9%, respectively, admitting to cheating. The most loyal to their partners were, as you might expect, men and women in their sixties.

The survey also found the men and women with spouses or sexual partners had sex just 2.1 times a month, though this was much higher for men in their twenties (4.9 times).

Do these results match with your experiences?

Respondents were surveyed about other aspects of their sex lives beyond infidelity. Other results from found that the average age for having sex for the first time was 20.3 years old, and that social media was the third most common way for people in their twenties to meet their partners. 34.1% of men in their twenties are virgins, a slight decline from the previous survey, compared to 20.9% of women. And the average number of sexual partners people have had is 9.1; men in their fifties had the highest result here, with an average 16.1 partners (for women, the highest number was for females in their forties, with 7.5 partners).

The people most satisfied with their sex lives are in Miyazaki Prefecture in the south, where 57.36% said they were happy. The lowest result came from people in chilly Niigata, where just 43.38% said they were satisfied.

The highest masturbation rate is in Akita Prefecture, with 4.97 times a month.

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Mini robots provide small talk for potential couples at matchmaking events in Japan

When our robot masters finally take over, we may simply be slightly annoying side projects that require too much electrical resources.

Take a glimpse into the future with this matchmaking service in Japan, which is using pairs of small robots to help couples hit it off.

The robots employed, as least in the promotional video, seem to be the RoBoHon miniature robots designed by Tomotaka Takahashi, here in a system developed by Cyber Agent and Sharp.

These “robotic cupids” sit on the table with the potential couple. Pre-loaded with profiles and information about their human counterparts, the mini droids prompt conversation through asking questions, responding, and chatting. The weird thing is that the robots do this between themselves, while the humans just apparently watch in silence — observing their robotic versions test out small talk.

The human participants first fill out a 45-question survey before the event in order to provide the robots with the data.

robot matchmaking japan tokyo speed dating event cyber agent sharp robohon

robot matchmaking japan tokyo speed dating event cyber agent sharp robohon

robot matchmaking japan tokyo speed dating event cyber agent sharp robohon

Below is actual footage from the Robot Matching Party (in Japanese, Robot Konkatsu Party) event, which has been called surreal.

After the robots chat for a few minutes, the humans are able to decide if they want to continue the conversation without the aid of the technology.

The first session reportedly formed four couples out of the 28 participants. The Robot Matching Party service is still in its early stages but if it proves more than just a gimmick, it may well be how certain couples hook up some day in the future.

Shocked by the latest example of “wacky Japan”? Well, we’re not so surprised, since robots in Japan are now performing comedy and getting married.

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