Sex News: UK drops porn block, Girls Do Porn ran Porn Wikileaks, the horniest Yelp reviewer, STD rates have spiked

  • “Plans to introduce a nationwide age verification system for online pornography have been abandoned by the government after years of technical troubles and concerns from privacy campaigners. The climbdown follows countless difficulties with implementing the policy, which would have required all pornography websites to ensure users were over 18. Methods would have included checking credit cards or allowing people to buy a “porn pass” age verification document from a newsagent.”
    * UK drops plans for online pornography age verification system (Guardian)
    See also: UK porn block: Tory MPs line up to attack Government decision to scrap online age verification measures (iNews)
  • “That’s right: the PornWikileaks — the infamous website started by the even more infamous adult industry pariah, Donny Long, and which hosted a doxxing and extortion fodder forum against adult models called “Whore Hunting” — according to the Jane Does’ filing, was owned by none other than the GirlsDoPorn owner.”
    * Here’s What You Need to Know About the GirlsDoPorn Case (XBIZ)
  • “Last week, the owners and key employees of adult film production company Girls Do Porn were charged with federal counts of sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion.”
    * ‘Girls Do Porn’ Was a Crime Ring, Not a Porn Site, Industry Experts Say (Vice)
  • “Fox has written more than 10,000 reviews for businesses across America in the last five years, all at the behest of a mysterious dominatrix who introduced him to bubble tea and baby oil.”
    * Yelp’s Horniest (and Best) Reviewer Is a Jacked Foot Worshipper Named Fox E (Vice)

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  • “According to court documents, US investigators simply right-clicked on Welcome To Video’s homepage, selected “View Page Source,” and instantly had what they needed.”
    * How the world’s largest child porn marketplace was undone by a right-click (Quartz)
  • ““Porn is a discourse that informs gender, sexual roles and relations but only men are having this discourse,” [Erika Lust] says. The only way for this to truly change, she adds, is for women to take leadership roles in the porn industry.”
    * Meet the filmmaker taking on the misogynistic world of porn (London Evening Standard)
  • “…in spite of the damage to her reputation, Guo was finally granted her license to practice law in 2019. She’s since used her platform to create a new story for herself, writing about navigating sex worker stigma in the legal world… and officially starting her own legal practice.”
    * Nadia Guo: The criminal lawyer who was outed as a sex worker (Huckmag)
  • “Aphrodite Inc. was created to spread the concept that human hearts will always be better than robotic ones. The film begins with sexbots appearing inside a family home on what looks just like a regular Friday night.”
    * Award-Winning and ‘Family-friendly’ Film about Sexbots Set to Compete for Spot at Cannes (Future of Sex)

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  • “Health officials are raising alarm about a rise in STDs across the United States. For the fifth consecutive year, combined cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis have risen in the United States, according to a Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published on Tuesday.”
    * Three STDs reach all-time highs in the US, new CDC report says (CNN)
  • “Katie Couric recently kicked off her new podcast with an episode entitled, “Is Violent Porn Changing Us?” … Couric also asserts that 88 percent of top rented or downloaded porn “contains scenes depicting violence against women.” She borrows this statistic from one of her guests on the show, Dr. Gail Dines.”
    * Op-Ed: Katie Couric’s Porn Bashing is Scarier Than You Think (XBIZ)
  • “Teaching a teenager the benefits of condoms or letting them know it’s okay to be gay might soon land you behind bars in Poland. In their first move since winning a second term in Sunday’s election, lawmakers from the nationalist Law & Justice party backed the draft law to establish jail terms for promoting “sexual activity” to minors. ”
    * Teaching Teens About Sex Might Soon Land You in Jail in Poland (Bloomberg)
  • “A Russian man suing Apple for more than $15,000, claiming that an app he downloaded to his iPhone “manipulatively” drove him to homosexuality, causing him “moral suffering and harm to mental health,” has dropped his lawsuit.”
    * Man Drops Lawsuit Claiming iPhone Made Him Gay (Towleroad)

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Brainfucker onahole is as every bit as strange yet amazing as it sounds

Will it fuck up your mind by fucking a brain? Actually, not at all. Far from it, in fact.

Having previously given us a grenade-shaped masturbator and a Tokyo Skytree parody onahole, Tama Toys has taken a leap right into no-man’s land with the insanely inventive design of its latest adult toy: the Brainfucker Masturbatory Aid Onahole.

brainfucker masturbator onahole adult toy japan

The Brainfucker is pretty much everything its name suggests and every bit as awesome. It really is shaped just like a human encephalon.

Get ready for the sexiest brainstorming session of your life! […] Simply insert yourself into the frontal lobe and feel how the soft silicone wraps itself around you. Thanks to its amazing inner surface, each thrust seems like a stroke of genius. Combining the strengths of both the left and the right brain, this exceptional sex toy leaves any man satisfied — and surely takes any load off your mind.

brainfucker masturbator onahole adult toy japan

brainfucker masturbator onahole adult toy japan

brainfucker masturbator onahole adult toy japan

brainfucker masturbator onahole adult toy japan

brainfucker masturbator onahole adult toy japan

brainfucker masturbator onahole adult toy japan

Unusually, this onahole garnered the attention of a mainstream blog after its naming made a splash on social media. Sora News 24 described it, with presumably affected ignorance, as:

Oh, wait, it turns out that the toys Tama Toys deals in are those of the adult variety, and Brain Fucker, which looks to be about the size of a youth volleyball, isn’t a puzzle box. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have any buttons, slides, or switches to manipulate. There’s just a hole at the base of the brain, so what’re you supposed to…

Yes, that hole is waiting for insertion, but not of a brain stem or spinal cord. While the box says Brain Fucker, that’s actually describing the product’s user, as it is indeed a masturbatory aid for men of particular culture who feel that the most attractive part of a potential mate isn’t a big bust or curvy hips, but a sexy, sexy brain.

So while it seems to have bemused the mainstream Internet, onahole fans and users will immediately appreciate the unabashed originality and panache of this brilliant addition to the onahole canon.

The Brainfucker Masturbatory Aid Onahole is available for international orders from our friends at Kanojo Toys.

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