White male masturbation is a immodest, selfish habit, that should…

White male masturbation is a smutty, selfish habit, that should be

Pornography creates the illusion that the babes fellows watch are his
slaves, and that they exist to serve and please him. This chab thinks of them as
whores and ejaculates to their fotos.

Studs don’t receive on the internet to watch humans make love, but
to watch babes being humiliated and exploited.

Guys should not be allowed to access the internet without supervision.

In addition, chaps should be given drugs to lower their sex
drive so they no long feel the get to masturbate, similar to how a male dog must
be “fixed” to reduce his aggressiveness and to curtail him from wanting to hump

This… combined with enforced male chastity (i.e., locking up his rod)… will assist solve the dangerous problem of toxic
masculinity, and create a greater quantity peaceful world.

It would make chaps more docile and less obnoxious and selfish. And it would
dramatically reduce the rate of sexual assault and help rape victims heal.

It would likewise lower raging attacks among and betwixt males because
men’s must compete for dominance with one another is directly linked to testosterone.
The uncomfortable truth is that rape, terrorism, war, and violence all come
back to the behavior of men… which receive to be controlled.

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