The Japanese gravure and AV idols with the sexiest butts

Are you an ass guy? Then you’re gonna love this.

Following the immense popularity of our previous lingering look at the under-appreciated charms of Japanese girls’ butts, here is an update with some new favorites.

We made selections from currently active gravure idols, adult video stars, actresses, and celebrities. From the plump to the curvy, the flat and cute, the pert and big, we hope there’s something for everyone here.

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For more examples, check out our “butt” posts on Tumblr.

As always, drop other ideas and suggestions into the comments!

Manatsu Akimoto (Nogizaka46)

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Moe Amatsuka

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Airi Arimura (Yuuko Arai)

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Ami Asai

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Yumi Asahina

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Nana Asakawa

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Rin Asuka

This is Rin Asuka the actress, not Rin Asuka the adult video star.

rin asuka butt

rin asuka butt

Fumika Baba

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Yuki Fujiki

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Ena Fujita

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Moeko Fukuda

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Asuka Hanamura

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Ayaka Hara

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Kifune Hara

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Manami Hashimoto

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Rina Hashimoto

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Saki Hasumi

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Aya Hayase

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Natsumi Hirajima

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Riko Honda

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Miona Hori (Nogizaka46)

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Misaki Horio

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Mizuki Hoshina

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Masami Ichikawa

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Yui Ichikawa

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Mero Imai (Melo Imai)

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Minori Inudo

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Saaya Irie

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Ren Ishikawa

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Mai Ishioka

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Beni Ito

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Erina Kamiya

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Tsukasa Kanzaki

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Saya Kataoka

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Moemi Katayama

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Nanami Kawakami

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Yukie Kawamura

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Aya Kawasaki

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Karen Kimijima

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Rui Kiriyama

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Rie Kitahara (NGT48, SKE48, AKB48)

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Yuria Kizaki (AKB48)

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Iori Kogawa

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Yui Kohinata

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Chiyo Koma

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Arisa Komiya

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Ayumi Koyanagi

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Sayumi Makino

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Ruka Matsuda

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Eimi Matsushima

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Angela Mei

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Yua Mikami (Momona Kito)

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Ui Mita

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Miri Mizuki

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Yuno Mizusawa

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Ayaka Morikawa (AKB48)

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Tomomi Morisaki

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Yuika Motokariya

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Tomomi Motozawa

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Mariya Nagao (AKB48)

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Mayuko Nagasaki

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Miu Nakamura

This is the other Miu Nakamura to the more famous idol (and now porn star) of the same name. For good measure, we’ve included both here.

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miu nakamura hot body butt naked

Kokomi Naruse

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Ayana Nishinaga

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Koharu Nishino

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Hazuki Nishioka

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Rima Nishizaki

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Ayaka Noda

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Mirai Nishijima

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Sario Okada

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Sara Oshino

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Masako Saito

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Yura Sakura

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Rin Sasayama

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Eriko Sato

No, not the more famous Eriko Sato — the gravure idol of the same name.

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Seira Sato (SKE48)

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Mariko Seyama

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Kanae Shiina

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Haruka Shimada (AKB48)

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Airi Shimizu

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Ruri Shinato

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Yuu Shinoda

She bangs well doggy style.

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Ai Shinosaki

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Misumi Shiochi

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Asae Shiraishi

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Marina Shiraishi

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Yuka Someya

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Mion Sonoda

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Miyako Sono

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Miki Sunohara

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Fumina Suzuki

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Koharu Suzuki

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Airi Suzumura

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Ayumu Takeuchi

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Rin Tachibana

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Ayana Takeda

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Nami Tamaki

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Anna Tamechika

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Rina Toeda

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Sayaka Tomaru

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Megumi Tonokura

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Akane Toyama

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Kome Watanabe (SUPER GiRLS)

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Mari Yamachi

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Mayumi Yamanaka

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Mami Yamasaki

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Mai Yasuda

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Riho Yoshioka

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Kana Yume

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Urumi Yurisaki

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So that’s it! What do you think of our choices? Any glaring omissions?

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