Even with a decent penis I’m still denied of intercourse. We are…

Even with a decent dick I’m still denied of intercourse. We are the one and the other unrepining and having trouble to find our way in the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle. This babe definitely like the idea to “cheat” on me (that babe did it a lot when we were youthful) but now that we leave together, this babe has lost her libido. I don’t know to motivate her to discover a lover.

This isn’t an uncommon situation. And by that, I mean the large ding-dong and one as well as the other being uncomplaining. The fine news is you both know that. It’s likewise admirable news that she’s interested academically, but her own submissive traits make it difficult for her to take the initiative.

Your most good bet is likely to encourage socializing and hope that babe meets somebody who stimulates enough interest for her to pursue her instincts.

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Anon Call

I just used a friend’s phone to call Scott’s mother anon at her abode, on the land line. That babe answered; so she’s there. I just hung up out of saying anything.

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