What movie did you show cum-hole mother?

The 1st one… Scott down on his knees sucking off Marlon, and then bending over and offering his a-hole to Marlon, and then Marlon fucking him.

The second one… Scott in our bedroom, fucking that youthful Oriental gal that James brought over.

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I just had a major confrontation with Scott’s mother. Her spouse was lastly without the house, and that babe was here alone… which is what I’ve been hoping for.

Things got pretty unattractive. That babe was still totally livid about what happened yesterday, and lashing out at me. Threatened me. Told me that babe was going to call her lawyer the next day.

And so… I did something that might backfire on me, large time. A last-minute, desperate, high-stakes gambit. I don’t know yet; we’ll see if it works.

I didn’t desire to do it, but for the final several weeks, I’ve felt cornered, with my world sluggishly closing in on me. I actually felt like I had reached the point of no return, with no thing left to loose, leaving me no choice but to action.

They’re leaving tomorrow, and I was running out of time to try to change the dynamic of what’s been happening.

We were in the great room, arguing. I had a petite steak knife in my hand, tucked inside my wrist; hidden from view. I had retrieved it moments earlier from the kitchen. Not ‘coz I intended to do anything with it. For me, ever since I was a little cutie, after I was raped, I’ve always associated knives with protecting myself. It’s kind of a weird, reactive habit I’ve always had. On more than one occasion, it freaked out my spouse, who at no time understood why I would do that whenever I was scared.

Scott’s mother was yelling at me, told me that I at no time loved her son, that I merely married him for the specie. That I was trash. That I was a doxy. That I had corrupted her grand-daughter. That this babe regretted the day this chab ever met me. That I was gonna receive nothing from them. That I would end up on the streets where I belonged.

And that was the mild stuff.

I was shaking. Scared. But too determined. I could feel the knife in my right hand, my palm sweating and hawt. I had visions of leaping towards her and cutting her face with it.

It was probably a nice thing this babe was across the room from me.

And then I made my decision.

I walked towards the sofa and dropped the knife behind one of the cushions.

I turned to her, and shouted, “You know… there’s something you receive to know about Scott, something that can make the difference betwixt him possibly getting out in October, or staying in for the rest of his life. So… pay attention, u silly fucking bitch. If you indeed care about your son, u have to see this.”

I reached for the master remote, which was on the center table, and flipped on the AV system. The screen came on. I picked up my iPad, which was too on the center table, put my finger on the home button, it sensed my fingerprint, and came on. Then I opened up an app, and hit another button.

The episode came on nearly just now, six feet across on the contrary wall, above the fireplace.

Less than a minute later, Scott’s mother was screaming. But not at me. That babe was screaming to the heavens. A loud, hopeless howl. This babe was screaming to her God.

I wasn’t yelling at her anymore. I was calm. Controlled. My eyes flitted to the cushion hiding the knife; my protection if I needed it.

And then I told her, “This isn’t even the precious one. The one after this, that’s the one u actually acquire to watch. That’s the one that can put your son away forever if u keep fucking with me.”

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So this either went truly well or truly bad.

It went well. Fantastic. Avid. Flawless.

Kimberly was like a beautiful flitting butterfly, talking, flirting, and attending to all her guests. She looked so hot in her fresh bikini.

I especially loved that she was just her usual fun, pleased self, and didn’t temper everything this babe told or did just ‘coz I was around.

I had a great, open talk with her last week where I confident her that no matter what ends up happening between her father and I… that I truly crave us to stay close. I told her I love her and support her in all her decisions, and that she can always count of me when this babe needs me. We hugged and half-cried in support of each other. 

Later on in the evening, Kimberly and Darnell and a tiny in number others were in the hawt tub, hanging out. He was sitting on the edge and I watched her give him head, right there, in front of the others. After a while, this babe got without the hawt tub and sat on his lap, facing him, wrapped her legs around him, and quietly, almost gently, rode his penis. This babe was topless, but still wearing her bikini bottoms, which that babe just pulled to the side. It was obvious to me that Darnell was inside her, but she was kind of quiet about it, just lazily gyrating her haunches.

That babe knew I wasn’t far away, maybe 15 feet, sitting with Sandy and Frank, watching. But that babe didn’t care. It was a such a beautiful thing to watch. I loved how uninhibited that babe was.

As far as I could tell, Darnell was the merely boy Kimberly had sex with last night.

Daysha was quite the little doxy final night. I LOVE her pleasure, rocking personality! This babe was the first one of the gals to playfully take off her top; that babe has magnificent boobs. Soon afterward, most of the other beauties (including Sandy and I… and Kimberly) followed.

Later on, Ty and three of his allies ran a educate on Daysha in the pool abode.

And here’s the humorous thing. When she came out to the pool afterward, this babe had a button up shirt on, open in the front, with her billibongs half bare and swaying as this babe walked, and was wearing those panties that Ty had bought for Kimberly. This man must have discovered them in her room somewhere. They’re white, with miniature black lettering on the front, that says “Black 10-Pounder Only”.

Kimberly’s other girlfriends… majority (but not all) of them ended up hooking up with one of the chaps at the party. After a while, people just kind of paired off. Some of them walked down to the beach, others found some other private place to hang out.

I didn’t know it at the time; I merely discovered out this morning from Floyd, who called to thank me for inviting him. But one of the gals that Kimberly goes to school with lost her black knob cherry to him last night. That babe wasn’t a virgin virgin, but that babe told him this babe had never been with a dark man before. That guy told this man gave her the full “thug experience”… as this chab put it… and banged her in one of the guest rooms. That guy told he’s plan to see her another time tonight.

I partied late into the evening with Sandy and her husband Frank up in my bedroom, and were joined by the other couple they had invited to the party. 

One of Ty’s friends… this chab brought several… screwed Sandy while Frank smoked a cigar and watched it all from across the room.

Sandy isn’t a darksome jock aficionado like I’m. She’s been with darksome males before, but diminutive in number. Frank occasionally permits her to have a fun black meat, as long as he’s the one who sets it up and is around. Sandy is a hotwife, but of a different flavor. She’s not allowed to watch dudes alone, or “date” on her own. Frank is quite slaver, and is always involved.

I had the enchanting honor of going down on Sandy and cleaning her up after Ty’s friend screwed her. 

Our darksome stud… as is typical for black men… was quickly ready for round two, and had me next. It was hard, fast, and furious.

Whispering in his ear… “Don’t u dare make love to me. I receive to be screwed!”… had the requisite effect on him.

After this fellow was done, and busted his nut inside me, Frank had me next. I was kind of surprised that that dude put his penis inside my messy cummy fur pie like that, but was cheerful this chab did. Frank is nicely hung… for a white fellow, ha ha… and quite worthwhile in daybed.

Feeling him slip inside me was nice… but I was so juicy and slippery and stretched out already… I felt guilty that I wasn’t tight and fresh for him. But this chab didn’t seem to mind.

When Frank was done with me… this chab didn’t last long… Sandy returned the favour and cleaned me up.

The Cookie Mother… well… I’ll need to tell you later what ended up happening to her.

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Party Update

The first words without the fur pie mother’s mouth: “What is going on here? Who are all these people?”

My response: “I don’t know. You’ll must ask Kimberly. They’re all mostly her friends.”

“Where is this babe?”

Scanning around quickly, I didn’t see Kimberly just now. “I don’t know. I’m sure she’s somewhere. Maybe in the kitchen?”

“I wish to talk to her.”

“Yeah, well… that might not be such a good idea.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Trust me on that.”

OMG!! She is so pissed…

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Is it becoming clear what sort of party this is yet?

So far… it’s Rachel and her boyfriend, Gina and Colton, Frank and Sandy, one more couple that Sandy invited, Kimberly and seven of her allies, Ty, Darnell, and four other darksome guys that Ty brought with him, and me.

Floyd just got here, with 2 other darksome boyz.

And still more people invited that aren’t here yet.

They’re all talking, laughing, drinking, dancing to the music, some of ’em in the pool, some of them not.


These girls are all gonna receive blacked!!

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