Amazing Beasts fetish dildos indulge fantasies for wild creature penetration

Because sometimes you want something really wild inside of you.

The Amazing Beasts is an original series of dildos by online Japanese adult toys retailers Daimaoh. And when we say original, we mean it.

amazing beasts dragon dildo fetish fantasy bestiality japan unique toy

amazing beasts dragon dildo fetish fantasy bestiality japan unique toy

As vibrantly colored as they are sensationally named and astoundingly shaped, these are some of the most incredible fetish dildos we have seen in Japan.

If you felt that being penetrated by or penetrating your partner with a replica stick of goya or a large sweet corn just wasn’t strange or sexy enough, then these beasts should sate your appetite.

The dildos offer shafts and glans like you have never seen on or experienced from a human being (at least, we hope you haven’t).

Have a dragon’s cock sliding into you or, if you are a backdoor play kind of guy or gal, try the long and slender Sakamata butt plug for size.

amazing beasts dragon dildo fetish fantasy bestiality japan unique toy

amazing beasts dragon dildo fetish fantasy bestiality japan unique toy

amazing beasts dragon dildo fetish fantasy bestiality japan unique toy

amazing beasts dragon dildo fetish fantasy bestiality japan unique toy

Choice is also the name of the game here, since the dildos generally offer different colors as well as degrees of texture so you can personalize your toy.

The Daimaoh Amazing Beasts dildos are available for international orders from our friends at Kanojo Toys.

Something of an outlier among the main manufacturers and brands (Toy’s Heart, Tama Toys, Nippori Gift, A-One, etc.) but also producing its own impressive toys, Daimaoh has occupied similar “beast sex” territory before with claw dildos, dolphin plush hug pillow, and more.

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Sex News: Magic 8-Ball butt plug, Indonesia bans Tumblr, UK porn age checks, Dan Savage on cuckold

magic 8 ball butt plug

  • “FINALLY, someone combined the classic pastimes of divination and ass-play … Etsy seller GlowFYourself (Glow Fuck Yourself) has created a butt-plug with a Magic 8 Ball attached to the “outside” end. Simply insert the plug, have your partner ask a question, and then give it a little twerk. Your answer will be revealed. The ball knows all.”
    There’s a Magic 8 Ball Butt Plug (Dangerous Minds)
    Other cool stuff at GlowFYourself:
    USB, Micro SD card reader, butt plug and data storage dongle (“Back that data up like a boss!)
    Fallout vault boy butt plug (“For the low price of 30 caps … keep those pesky rads out of your glory hole!”)

fallout butt plug

  • Indonesia has banned popular social media site Tumblr, along with nearly 500 other websites, in a massive clampdown on the sharing of porn online. The move comes less than a week after messaging app Line was forced to ditch emoji depicting same-sex couples and transgender people in the region after the Indonesian government claimed it was negatively influencing children.
    Indonesia bans Tumblr in massive porn crackdown (The Next Web)

Thanks to our sponsor in Spain, women-run Lust Cinema.

  • The UK government will make all porn sites introduce mandatory “robust” age checks, it has announced. A consultation from the Department for Culture Media and Sport said “commercial providers” of porn should have verification controls to stop under 18s viewing the content. Companies that don’t comply may face fines from a new porn regulator, or have their websites shut down.
    UK’s porn age checks set ‘dangerous’ precedent (Wired UK)
  • I just released this book on cuckold, and this week Dan Savage happens to be covering a sex and relationship question about cuckold! It begins, “My new girlfriend blurted out that she had a cuckolding past with her ex-husband …”
    Savage Love: The Past Is Never Dead (The Stranger)
  • “Zheng is part of a growing community of asexuals, or people who are not sexually attracted to any gender, who are attracted to the kink scene because they like touch, relationships, sensation, and power dynamics — all reasons that have nothing to do with sex itself. Many say that because kink focuses so much on negotiation and consent, this environment feels safer than traditional relationships, where sex is usually expected.”
    Can You Be Asexual, but Also Enjoy Kink? (Cosmopolitan, via Morgana Maye)
  • “Countless hours of research and reporting had culminated in this moment. There I was, standing on the remains of an old lava flow, staring at a mushroom that one man claimed could make me orgasm by smell alone. I bent down, pressing my hands in the soft mulch on either side of the fungus, and let the air out of my lungs …”
    Expedition Ecstasy: Sniffing Out The Truth About Hawai‘i’s Orgasm-Inducing Mushroom – (Discover Magazine)

Much gratitude to our thoughtful sponsor, Nubile Films.

  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. This opens up an unexpected discussion about VR porn from a male perspective versus from a female one — and potential unintended effects of VR porn on survivors of sexual assault. “I find female perspective VR porn really unsettling to experience, and I think that’s largely down to the porn industry designing VR porn from a very male centric perspective. … Want the experience to speed up or slow down? Not a choice. Want the experience to spend longer warming up? Not an option? Starting to feel uncomfortable and want to stop? Not an option within the simulation.”
    Female Perspective VR Porn left me deeply unsettled (, thank you Samantha!)
  • “They claim to be fighting sex trafficking, which federal law defines as the recruitment, harboring, transportation or obtaining of a person for commercial sex through the use of force, fraud or coercion. … There’s one big problem with that narrative: There’s little evidence that these web sites abet sex trafficking. But we do know that shutting them down these makes life more dangerous for sex workers.”
    Sex work is safer online than on the street (Los Angeles Times)
  • “Another week, another example of how topsy-turvy our understanding of “sex trafficking” has become in America. This latest case comes out of Kansas, where a Chinese woman offering sexual services from a Wichita massage parlor has both been described by law enforcement as a victim of sex trafficking and been convicted of prostitution.”
    Sex-Trafficking Victim Arrested for Selling Sex (Reason)

Thank you to our sponsor in Holland, Abby Winters.

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Sex News: Mechanophilia, Denmark bans bestiality, sperm bank controversy, a life of alien sex

  • The giant inflatable ‘Christmas tree’ butt plug appears to have been vandalised overnight on Friday, hours after its creator admitted being partly inspired by a joke about an anal sex toy. Its 80ft high presence immediately drew outcry from some residents, who said Paris had been “humiliated” by the installation. Others dismissed the sculpture as a “provocation” and called for its removal.
    Paris ‘sex toy’ Christmas tree sculpture deflated by vandals (Independent UK)

  • “Less than a month ago we were attacked by headlines screaming that the G-spot doesn’t exist, and here we are again, with yet another news source “reporting” (I use that word quite loosely) on yet another “study” “proving” that the G-spot is a “myth” and EVERYONE CALM DOWN AND TOUCH YOUR CLITORIS.”
    An Abridged Guide to Decoding Horseshit Articles About the G-spot’s Existenc (Hey Epiphora; see also: my coverage of this same issue in 2010 and 2012 with bonus XKCD comic)
  • People who post so-called “revenge porn” pictures and videos on the internet could face two years in jail under a new law. The new Criminal Justice and Courts Bill will have an amendment dealing specifically with the practice.
    ‘Revenge porn’ illegal under new law (BBC)

Thank you to our Dutch sponsor, Abby Winters.

  • “In an earlier era, a suspicious husband like Jay might have rifled through Ann’s pockets or hired a private investigator. But having stumbled upon Find My iPhone’s utility as a surveillance tool, Jay wondered what other apps might help him keep tabs on his wife.”
    The Adultery Arms Race (The Atlantic)
  • Instagram user Andrew Quitugua uploaded a video of what has to be the least-unexpected innovation in strip clubs: the urinal peephole.
    Of Course There’s A Peephole Above The Urinal In This Strip Club (Digg)
  • Jennifer Cramblett is suing a sperm bank for giving her sperm from a donor with a skin color other than the one she requested.
    Reparations and the Ohio Sperm-Bank Controversy (The New Yorker)
  • Nica Noelle is a veteran porn director and performer turned ASMRtist, who is pioneering what she calls erotic ASMR — Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a subgenre of YouTube videos that feature soft-speaking, tapping, scratching, and people performing menial tasks like folding clothes or putting on makeup in the hopes of triggering “braingasms,” or a pleasurable, tingling sensation in the head and neck.
    The voice of erotic ASMR wants to give porn some love (Daily Dot)

  • The 14 women here are not medical experts able to diagnose abnormal penile conditions, so take their stories as personal experiences, not medical descriptions of micropenis (there are other conditions like “inconspicuous penis” or “buried penis” that can be confused for micropenis).
    14 Women Tell What It’s Like Having Sex With A Micropenis (Buzzfeed, of course)
  • When Stacy Rybchin — founder of a small, New York-based sex-toy startup — tried to sign up for online payment services with Stripe in August, she was turned away. She looked into using Volusion, an online shopping-cart startup, and was again denied. Same with SparkPay.
    It’s Hard Out There for a Sex-Toy Entrepreneur (Re/code)
  • Denmark is planning to ban bestiality after long-running international pressure over animal welfare. Denmark is one of the few European countries which still allows bestiality. Norway, Sweden and Germany have all banned the practice, leading to a rise in the underground animal sex tourism in Denmark.
    Denmark: ‘We have decided that we should ban sex with animals’ (Independent UK)

Thank you to our sponsor in France, Explicite Art.

  • Edward Smith told UK TV hosts on This Morning that he first became attracted to cars in 1965.
    Smith, whose condition is known as mechanophilia, is sexually attracted to machines – and as well as having sex with cars, has also had a relationship with a helicopter and planes, claiming they are all more arousing to him than women.
    Edward Smith has sex with more than 700 cars, lost virginity to a VW Beetle (News AU)
  • Sex and the upper classes: A lot of people are passing this op-ed around, though I think it fails because it’s hindered by many flawed assumptions about sexual behavior and about ‘poor people’ — not to mention the narrow procreation-normative (I just had to make a new term) framing about sex.
    Is sex only for rich people? (Washington Post)

  • “I don’t know much, but I do know for sure that I lost my virginity to an extraterrestrial woman,” says David Huggins. The 70-year-old from Hoboken, New Jersey has been making paintings of his encounters with aliens for many years.
    Alien Romance Art Documentary David Higgins (Animal NY)
  • HuffPo asked 12 people familiar with the sex industry — including a clinical sexologist, a community advocate for workers’ rights, an attorney in the commercial sex trade, and both current and former sex workers — were asked this question: Is female sex work empowering, “enslaving” … or more complicated than either?
    Is Sex Work Empowering Or Enslaving? 12 Experts Weigh In (HuffPo)
  • Warning for sexual assault and trauma survivors. Research sheds light on the origins of hazing and suggests it may be losing its effectiveness as homophobia declines.
    Better Team Chemistry Through Sexual Assault? (PS Mag)

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Peter Jakubik: Fetish Furnishings

Slovakian designer Peter Jakubik brings a dark spark to home accessory design with his pornographic, kinky pieces. From his bio:

He won the attention of many by transferring porno and BDSM motives and aesthetics into design. Provoking situations, objects such as fetishes, woman as a designer-erotic object are typical for his designs of furniture and furniture accessories,toys for adults, clothing accessories and gifts. They have a bit of irony and provocative spirit in them. Peter uncovers forbidden hobbies and hidden preferences without shame and in objects that are supposed to be used as real furniture.

Above: IKEA-style Flat Pack Ponygirl Rocker (Prototype). Below: Naughty star penstands.

See also: Jakubik’s Upskirt Wall Hanger, Libertine Mirror (want!), Make Me Wet Pasta Sieve, Go-Go Music Box and Little Devil Butt Plug (among others).

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