Survived the Weekend

I’m about to drop off to bed; I just put a post on Fleshbot. My weekend was really amazing and out of control — for those of you following along at home, I didn’t get my birthday wish, but some kind of wish definitely came true. After some rest I’ll follow up with a proper post about how I started the weekend at a book reading, the mid point found me in the middle of a very unusual 3-guy, 2-girl sex pile (once we stopped talking about robots and thermodynamics), and then to the Castro Street Fair where my partner in nasty crimes Miss Jessi (remember the pride kissing contest we won?) made off with a booth’s microphone and we played boys (and girls) gone wild in the street until the police came and forced us to stop. Oops.

My only regret is that a couple people in my weekend sex games are somewhat famous, or at least notorious, so I’ll have to obfuscate details, but no matter. I’m a creative girl… Now, find the cheerleaders in this picture; we’re at Castro and 18th!

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