Sex News: TextGirlie chatbots, UK Parliament sex abuse, gays win and women lose

  • Although sex-ed films are a major part of our sexual and educational culture, there has been little critical analysis of their content or creation. These films are constantly scrutinized by people engaged in political debates about the validity of sex education, but they are not often analyzed as an important part of film history.
    The Dramatic History of American Sex-Ed Films (Bitch Magazine; video above via Sex Ed, The Movie)
  • Home Secretary Theresa May is to address Parliament on the row over her department’s handling of sex abuse claims dating back to the 1980s. The Home Office faces accusations it failed to act on evidence of child abuse allegations by public figures. Mrs May’s statement comes after it emerged that her department has lost 114 potentially relevant files. Former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Tebbit has said there “may well have been” a political cover-up.
    Theresa May to address MPs on sex abuse claims (BBC)
  • Feminist porn isn’t exactly new. It’s been around since the 1980s, since the days of Candida Royalle, one of the pioneers of female-centric XXX films. Yet it’s only recently picked up some mainstream momentum. Why now? For one, the boys club of adult film is slowly disbanding, and more women are watching, creating and, (more importantly) discussing porn.
    Defining Feminist Porn: Is That XXX Flick Organic? (Daily Beast)

  • NYT op-ed on the “Google car”. You will be able to text while you drive, picnic, put on makeup, and have sex, although from the look of the tiny two-seater that isn’t going to be easy. New positions may have to be invented. It will be cramped and you might throw out your back.
    Less Sexy, Better for Sex (NYT)
  • “HOT mug shot guy felon” Jeremy Meeks, whose mug shot went viral last month, will be turning down a $100,000 offer to do porn. Adult-entertainment producer Dogfart has offered the criminal two scenes per week, according to his agent, Gina Rodriguez, a former porn star herself.
    ‘Hot mug shot guy’ Jeremy Meeks turns down porn offer (News AU)
  • Security research firm Cloudmark has documented the rise of a flirtatious bot called “TextGirlie”. After obtaining a victim’s name and telephone number from their social media profile, TextGirlie would send the victim a personalised message asking them to continue the conversation in an online chatroom. A few coquettish exchanges later and the victim would be asked to click on a link to an adult dating or web cam site.
    How online ‘chatbots’ are already tricking you (BBC)

  • New movies, TV shows and plays, including ‘Phoenix,’ ‘My Man Is a Loser,’ ‘Very Good Girls’ and ‘Dating Naked,’ trot out the moralistic tropes of casual sex.
    Disasters of sex: New movies like ‘Sex Tape,’ TV series and plays explore the perils of lust (NY Daily News)
  • The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, among its many troubling consequences, is yet another entry in the latest disturbing trend of civil rights cases, in which gays win, and women lose. Juxtapose Hobby Lobby with the recent fate of Arizona’s “Turn the Gays Away” bill. In Arizona, a religious exemption that would allow business owners to refuse to serve gay people died a fiery death. The issue was basically the same as in Hobby Lobby: when businesses can discriminate on the basis of religion. Yet gays won, and women lost.
    Ten Reasons Women Are Losing While Gays Keep Winning (Daily Beast)
  • Several British newspapers have carried out investigations of the party culture in the town on the island of Mallorca. Controversy was sparked by a video of an 18-year-old Northern Irish girl appearing to give oral sex to more than 20 male bar patrons. She was encouraged to do so for a “free holiday” which turned out to be the name of a $7 cocktail. The tour was organised by “Carnage Magalluf”, a holiday tour company run by British ex-pats.
    Sordid British sex tours exposed (NineMSN AU)

  • Russian police have been ordered to track down a couple that were filmed having sex on a public fountain in broad daylight. The erotic encounter lasted 15 minutes on top of the historic fountain in the city of Samara, with the video quickly becoming one of the most watched on Russian social media.
    VIDEO: Police launch all-out search for amorous couple filmed having sex on public fountain (Metro UK)
  • One in five of all websites are blocked by at least one default ISP filter in the UK, an anti-censorship campaign group has found. Since the beginning of this year, British ISPs have automatically been imposing filters on new broadband customers unless specifically asked not to do so. By the end of the year, this filtering will have been extended to existing customers too.
    UK ‘Porn Filters’ Block One Fifth Of All Websites (Forbes)

  • Image above: the work of Evelyn Bencicotva. Via Ecce Homo (JWZ)

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