Sex News: Fallout 4’s bi-queer-poly couplings, twerk attack, gay RNC Trump billboard prank

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  • Inspired by Mitt Romney’s run for the US Presidency, Portland-based photographer Neil Dacosta satirized the Mormons’ politicized stance on same-sex relations by coming up with The Book of Mormon Missionary Positions.
    ‘The Book of Mormon Missionary Positions’ is the one gay sex manual that is TOTALLY SAFE FOR WORK (Dangerous Minds)
  • Earlier this year, Bethesda announced that the Fallout 4 protagonist could romance any of a dozen or so companions throughout his or her adventure—no matter the gender. Romance enriches the player experience, but the way Fallout 4 has approached romance — through universal bisexuality — speaks volumes to how RPGs will treat character sexuality in today’s more diverse, relatively more open society of sexualities and genders. Early reviews are reporting that while only one companion can accompany the Sole Survivor at a time, the player can still romance multiple companions — in essence, be polyamorous.
    Fallout 4 Impresses with Queer Romance, Polyamory (Unicorn Booty)
  • In surveillance footage released by D.C. police this week, two unidentified women are seen twerking on, groping and harassing a man they did not know. The bizarre incident, which happened on Oct. 6, is being classified as sexual abuse and has authorities on the hunt for the two suspects. According to police, the video shows just a portion of the relentless assault.
    Women sought after twerking attack on man at D.C. gas station (PIX 11)

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  • “Even if you planned on missing tonight’s Republican presidential debate, we couldn’t let you miss this troll-tastic gay billboard mocking Donald Trump right outside of the debate venue. Apparently, Hornet — the hook-up app that infamously teamed-up with Cazwell in his sexy Middle Eastern music video — put up a large billboard right across the street from the Milwaukee Theatre featuring a Trump-esque elephant (named “Trunk”) sexting with a horny, rainbow-colored unicorn — ohhhhhh my!”
    Hornet Trolls Republican Debate With Gay Hookup Billboard (Unicorn Booty)
  • The regulations, invented by the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (a.k.a. Cal/OSHA), cover everything from safety training and condom usage to whether or not you can ejaculate on someone’s face. For starters, there are privacy concerns. Porn stars have long struggled with stalkers, doxxers, and overzealous fans who pry into their personal lives, and sharing medical records with all porn employers would only make that information easier to hack.
    California Is Considering New Draconian Porn Regulations (Vice)
  • Marie-Chantal is a self-described “porn GIF-making gamer girl” in her mid-20s. She lives in Montreal, runs her own NSFW Tumblr and makes exclusive GIFs for some prolific porn producers, including Blacked, Tushy, New Sensations and Girlsway. She’s one of a handful of people who make GIFs to promote the content porn companies are producing. She’s been doing it full-time for about a year.
    Meet the Woman Who Makes Porn GIFs for a Living (Mic)
  • Looks like Playboy didn’t understand the role of porn in intimate relationships. Playboy is dropping full nudity from its magazine; Playboy Enterprises CEO Scott Flanders told CNN Money that the decision was made partly because of a proliferation of porn on the Internet. Flanders says there’s too much interest in porn. “My personal view is that unfortunately availability of porn in some cases has substituted for intimacy in personal relationships.”
    Playboy CEO: There’s too much interest in porn (CNN)

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groupies sex news

  • Case in point: Baron Wolman’s pictures of the original groupies in 1969. Billed on the cover of “A Special Super-Duper Neat Issue” of Rolling Stone (then a fledgling magazine), they inspired outrage in readers unfamiliar with the sexual innovations of the counterculture. In addition, the sometimes salacious articles that accompanied the photos irked some of the women portrayed. But Mr. Wolman said his portraits had a different intent.
    Groupies, From Sex Symbols to Style Icons (NYT)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual trauma. A University of Virginia fraternity sued Rolling Stone magazine on Monday for $25 million in damages over a discredited article about a 2012 gang rape at the fraternity. “Rolling Stone published the article with reckless disregard for the truth,” it said. The lawsuit contends that Rolling Stone and Erdely wanted to advance a narrative of college campus sexual violence by depicting a rape, whether it was true or not, the statement said.
    Virginia fraternity sues Rolling Stone over rape story (Reuters)

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  • Eight out of ten of the world’s most popular porn websites have been successfully blocked by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). On Tuesday, the MCMC announced that it had blocked 1,074 pornography websites for violating the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak said a total of 106 more sites would be blocked for the same offence.
    Access to most popular porn websites blocked (Malaysia) (Star Online)
  • A 28-year-old man in China, who is said to be suffering from terminal cancer, wanted to get married so he exchanged vows with a sex doll because he did not wish to leave a grieving widow after his death. The man, whose name is yet to be disclosed, wanted to experience his dream wedding day photo shoot for which he chose the lifelike sex doll.
    China: Terminally ill Beijing man weds lifelike sex doll (Yahoo UK)

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  • ​Things My Dick Does is a 3-month-old Tumblr account whose anonymous, San Francisco based, 34-year-old creator uses his penis as the basis for, what he calls, “weirdly adorable” illustrations. Digg spoke to the guy behind the project over email… because why not?
    Meet The Illustrator Who’s Making A Webcomic, Starring His Dick (Digg)
  • Over the weekend pop star Rihanna had her stylist put in a rush order for high-end custom-made latex suits from The Stockroom’s Syren Couture brand. A Stockroom rep told TMZ that the $2,000-plus order had to be completed within 48 hours for a music video that’s being shot this week. Rihanna’s stylist requested full-body black and dark navy catsuits, according to TMZ.
    TMZ: Stockroom Supplies [Syren] Latex Outfits for Rihanna Music Video (XBIZ)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual trauma. It is one of the most lurid and complicated legal cases in recent Canadian history. A group of lawyers are contending that a man did nothing illegal when he had the family dog perform oral sex on his step daughter. Government attorneys are adamant that the man needs to be found guilty, if the law is expected to protect children from bestiality. And animal rights activists are arguing that the man’s actions are not just morally outrageous, but animal abuse.
    Nobody Is Sure If Oral Sex With Animals Is Illegal in Canada, But Court Aims to Find Out (Vice)

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