Rope marks

Tumblr annoys and infuriates me to extremes. Like, I love this image above — but who the hell is the photographer, and how can I right the wrong of seeing their gorgeous image (and pretty model) hit a couple Tumblr blogs (like this one) with no attribution whatsoever? I mean, besides the fact that Tumblr completely dicked me (and not in a good way) at their SXSWi party while I was getting my cupcake-bringing friends into VIP and then they non-VIP’d me. That’s a different issue. No, when I first started to try and hunt down the owner of this photo, I saw it was hotlinked to a Flickr page, and then two seconds later it was yanked as ‘unavailable’ (via PrettyDaily), and replaced with a Tumblr file string in ‘properties’.

I tried like hell to find it on Flickr, and Google.

Who shot this beautiful photograph? Anyone have tips?

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