Kids are like DUH we know what oral sex is

From Reuters, more anti-abstinence education ammo. Plus, does anyone know where the oral sex for virginity teen myth originated? Was it some kind of Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil brainfart, like when Drew tells people that he has no idea why women might like anal sex? Hell, I can give you anatomical data. After a quick search, I’ll just blame Dr. Drew. Just search for anal sex on his site to see how misinformed he is about sexual pleasure, anatomy and gender. It’s pretty offensive. Seriously, these people spread urban sex myths like pestilence. Here’s a snip from Teen sex study doubts “technical virginity”:

A survey examining sexual practices of U.S. teens has undercut the notion that many engage in oral sex rather than intercourse to stay “technically” virgins, researchers said on Tuesday. (…) “There is a widespread belief that teens engage in nonvaginal forms of sex, especially oral sex, as a way to be sexually active while still claiming that, technically, they are virgins,” Laura Lindberg of the Guttmacher Institute in New York, who led the study, said in a statement.

“However, our research shows that this supposed substitution of oral sex for vaginal sex is largely a myth. There is no good evidence that teens who have not had intercourse engage in oral sex with a series of partners.” (… read more)

Update: Two commenters have informed me that the Dr. Drew site has been infected, so I’ve removed the links. But I know some of you love viruses, and in the spirit of best blogging practices, I still want you to see that I wasn’t making unfounded (read: unlinked) statements about Dr. Drew’s skewed and judgmental attitudes about sex.

On this page, the good doctor reveals he’s clueless as to why women might like anal sex:
“In fact, some women may find it uncomfortable or even painful. Some women may perceive it as erotic and stimulating simply because it’s not the norm. Other women, albeit a small group, can experience orgasm through this kind of stimulation. However, I couldn’t tell you why it’s different for these women.”

Nope, no idea and nothing positive to say about it except he thinks there are a handful of weirdos who get off on it and he has no idea why. And no clue about anatomy. *Many* women get lots of pleasure from anal sex: the area is rich with sensitive nerve endings that respond strongly to pleasure, psychologically it’s still taboo (at least in the flyover states), the substructures of the clitoris (erectile tissues and the end of the clit’s “wishbone” arms) meet in a complex pleasure-seeking finale at the anus, and there are pleasure-happy glands within the wall of the female perineum. How’s that for starters?

In this one, Drew suggests (unprompted) that kids are using oral sex for virginity maintenance:
In response to a question about whether oral sex should be considered sexual activity, he randomly mentions that women don’t realize that giving a blowjob is being “taking advantage” of (only if you do it right, kids), then suddenly jumps to the topic of virginity — not explaining where the suggestion comes from: “(…) It’ s strange when we live in a time when virginity has been boiled down to a technicality. People reserve the right to engage in anal, oral sex and other intimate acts and then consider themselves virginal since there isn’ t actual vaginal penetration. I think we ought to really think of virginity more in terms of chastity, which was its original intent. And maybe sexual activity should be less focused. Maybe we ought to come up with a definition. I say this with my tongue deeply embedded in my cheek whereby we look at various planes. There is certainly agreement that when the plane to the vagina’ s entrance is violated, the person is no longer virgin. But how about the plane to the entrance of the anus? Or the plane at the entrance of the mouth — or even the plane between the index and the thumb when you are making that okay sign? Perhaps the violation of any of these planes should be considered sexual activity.”

You also gotta love this one — all this anal talk really has Dr. Drew confused. Clearly, interest in female-receptive anal sex (which is all he acknowledges) should be blamed on porn or male hatred against women:
“I must say that I’m really quite bewildered by the preoccupation of anal sex and all the questions I get about it these days. I don’t know if the pornographic industry has somehow raised awareness of this activity, or if this is some sort of an aggressive act that men are looking to perpetrate against women.”

* aaaand we all see the irony in why I had to remove the links, right!? 😉

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