Japanese teenager goes on a date with Godzilla, ends in a smooch

Most teenagers dream of dating pop singers or movie stars. But this girl isn’t most teenagers.

No, 13-year-old Seira Watanabe had a different kind of dream date: Godzilla.

And she finally got her dream granted.

Watanabe already has a huge Godzilla figure collection, but nothing beats meeting and interacting with the real thing.

A Japanese television show recently helped make that happen by arranging a date for her with Godzilla, as reports Kotaku.

Naturally, the kaiju was not quite its usual size.

godzilla date japanese female teenager

When she spotted Godzilla outside her window at her home in Hyogo Prefecture, she almost collapsed. The teenager then promptly packed a bento lunchbox and went out on her date to Awaji Island with Japan’s most famous movie monster — with her grandfather tagging along as a chaperone, natch. (The choice of destination is not accidental: there’s a museum dedicated to Godzilla on the island.)

Things got increasingly sweet and romantic as the day wore on. She had to feed Godzilla lunch and then, while sitting on the beach at sunset, the couple enjoyed a hug and — yes! — a kiss.

Seira decided to take things even further. She proposed marriage to Godzilla, who thankfully demurred.

This being the coronavirus age, Seira spent the whole date with a face shield on. Given Godzilla’s radioactive origins, though, we imagine that catching COVID is less dangerous than the kaiju’s breath.

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