Do Japanese man and women kiss on the first date?

Following our post on what age Japanese women have their first kiss, we found a related survey that tries to find out if Japanese women kiss guys on the first date or if they wait it out.

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The results of the survey, which had 6,510 responses, suggest that Japanese man and women are slightly modest but that a very healthy number (27%) are willing to smooch on the first date.

Here’s the breakdown.

1. On the third date (2,127 people)

2. On the first date (1,753 people)

3. On the second date (1,146 people)

4. On or after the fifth date (910 people)

5. Upon marriage (184 people)

These are results for both men and women, though the proportions apparently don’t change so much when broken down by gender. Saying that, we’re not sure what century the “upon marriage” people are living in.

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Interestingly, when separated by age group, Japanese people in their thirties are much more likely to kiss on the first date — 30%, the highest response. No doubt there are quite a few who go all the way, too. Likely the knowledge of time ticking away makes them keener to follow the Latin motto of carpe diem.

kissing japan research dating couples survey

Probably the first thing to note is that the survey data is a bit old — it was conducted in August and September 2017 — but for some reason, people are talking about it now, so it caught our attention.

Now the most important question: does it fit with your experiences?

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