You haven’t been writing lately. Talk to us how are u truly doing? Are you staying from that H? I’m just a anxious reader of your blog.

I’ve been going throughout a lot. Things are complicated, but I’m ok. I’m alive.

Some man on a motorcycle came by the house a miniature in number days agone, right after I got home. It was nearly like this fellow must have been following me. In advance of I had a chance to close the garage door, that stud walked up and said “Are u _________?”.

When I told yes, this guy handed me 2 envelopes, and left.

In the large brown envelope were the divorce papers my spouse said he was intend to file. In the petite white envelope was a letter from a lawyer who said this chab represented my husband’s parents. That chap said me I was being evicted from the house, and that I had 30 days to leave.

I’ve love to tell u that I’m still sober, but I don’t wanna lie about it.

The way I feel right now, I don’t actually care what happens to me. I’m tired of fighting. I’m just exhausted, and merit whatsoever happens.

Right now, H is my only ally. The merely one who always craves me, and not at any time judges me. The only one who always makes me feel nice. Even if it’s only for a whilst. The merely one who won’t ever leave me.

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