With James

I was with James last night.

He told me this chab has no doubt that Scott’s probably getting screwed in prison, being compulsory to suck jock, and eating “prison yogurt” every night… that’s apparently what they call ball batter when a man ejaculates in some other man’s face hole.

That chap said by now there’s probably a greater quantity taskmaster inmate who’s protecting Scott from the other inmates in exchange for raunchy favors… almost any likely a white supremacist type cuz he told everything in prison breaks down along racial lines.

“Unless one of the niggas got hold of him first. Cuz if that happened, then the boneheads won’t even talk to him, and he’ll end up with a darksome daddy.”

It’s was just kind of surreal. James and I were lying in sofa together. This guy had just made love to me, and trying to comfort and console me. I was softly crying on his shoulder.

“It’s merely violent the first pair times. If this chab fights it. That’s probably why they put a beating on him, ‘coz he resisted. After a whilst, he’ll stop resisting, and just submit. Like he did with you. He’s got no other choice if that fellow wants to survive. And the guards ain’t plan to help him. They’re even worse. But he’ll be alright. It’ll take him a while to acquire used to the fresh situation he’s in, but that guy will. They all do. If he’s fortunate, the fellow who’s protecting him just wishes head. It’s like that with some of the mates. They don’t all want prison muff. Plenty of them just crave their ramrods sucked.”

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