What’s his father say, or is this chab below her thumb? While you had a lot to do with scotts predicament and maybe if you were not jointly this fellow would not have done it. What has got him locked up, if I remember correctly, is that that chap stole from his clients/company amongst other thinks which you were not party to. I hope u can save your marriage and if you do, you much change otherwise smth else will cause it to be in crisis.

Well, that’s just it.

All I ever did was make him suck knob for me… first just as part of a sex game… and then later on ‘cuz I knew how much he execrated it… but I likewise knew this chab would do it for me anyway ‘coz after I started locking up his jock in a chastity device, and controlled his orgasms, this fellow was always so motivated and desperate to please me. And too cuz I love watching him do it… the look of disgust on his face when the lad put his ramrod in my husband’s mouth… the way he nearly started to cry whenever the guy came in his mouth… and especially the way Johnny was always so forceful about making him suck it. 

And then later on, I made him occasionally put his booty up for Marlon ‘cuz after taking my belt on for so long, my husband was used to getting screwed in the ass, but I wanted him to experience what a real penis was like. And I love watching that. I love hearing the little bitch sounds this dude made when this chab was getting fucked. 

But that’s all I did.

I didn’t make him steal all that specie from his partners and from his clients and use it for whatsoever the hell this man used it for. Which I’m still not all that clear on, coz it was apparently tons of cash, and the authorities appear to be to think that he socked it away somewhere, and is lying about it.

I’m partially responsible for what happened. I accept that. But it’s not all my fault.

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