What an backdoor!

I love my spouse Scott. He’s important to me. He’s my priority. I’m committed to him and my marriage. I love my life with him.

Since he’s been back home, I’ve been trying actually hard to be a fine beauty for him.

We one as well as the other acquiesced that we needed to reconnect, emotionally and physically, just the two of us… and to work on our marriage. During this “reconnection period” of at least 3 months, we acceded that sexually, it would just be the two of us, and that neither of us would have sex with anyone else.

We too acquiesced final week that the three month period could be extended for some other 3 months at the request of either one of us. I went along with that addendum reluctantly, but after listening to his concerns in front of the marriage counselor, I acceded.

The marriage counseling thing we’ve been doing has been great. It’s glamorous intense; twice a week. I feel good about her; she’s kind but firm, open but decisive, very perceptive, and quite skillful. She’s charming no nonsense about anything. And is tough on one as well as the other of us, which we one as well as the other need.

Scott and I assented from the very starting that we would share anything about our lifestyle with her, and hold no thing back, which took some doing, especially on Scott’s part.

So… this babe knows about my past relationships or involvements with Johnny, Charity Guy, Floyd, Taylor, Mr. White, Andre, Damon, James, and some of the others. This babe also knows about Scott’s involvement with Johnny, and with Marlon; how it started, and how it ended.

Our marriage counselor has helped us communicate with every other greater amount worthwhile. It’s helped Scott to be greater quantity forthcoming and assertive about his feelings, and has helped me to slow down and listen to him greater amount and better, and not be so demanding and judgmental of him.

The sessions give us an opportunity and a forum to say some things to each other that must be said, with a relationship professional there to listen and aid us just now assess and understand.

One of the things I shared during session was the confusion and hurt I felt that Scott wasn’t going down on me anymore. Which was especially confusing to me ‘coz that man used to love it and do it all the time.

As I shared in session: “It’s the only way I can orgasm with him, and that fellow knows that. I feel like he’s withholding that on purpose, to chastise me.”

Scott denied that he was doing that… or rather not doing that… to chastise me.

The counselor interjected, “Perhaps your spouse just needs greater amount time to work out his sexuality with you.”

Then this babe turned to Scott: “Do u feel that your sexual experiences with Marlon created confusion for u regarding your sexuality?”

Scott got angry. “No! No! That’s not what it’s. None of that was ever consensual.”

The counselor challenged him: “But as I recall, it went on for quite some time. Even when your dirty slut wife was out of town visiting her sister.”

Session ended early that day.

And then final night… after being without town all week on job interviews… Scott was a total butthole about it.

We were naked in couch, talking. He was about to make love to me.

I was laying on my stomach, this chab was behind me, sitting on my legs, massaging my back.

I could feel his 10-Pounder betwixt my gazoo cheeks… not inside me, but just kind of betwixt them. His penis was beefy, hot, and throbbing, the way it gets when he’s hopped up on V. I teasingly refer to it as his “little blue boner”. It even stays hard after he ejaculates, which is totally weird and unnatural for him.

And I decided to ask him.

“How come u haven’t gone down on me since you’ve been back? Truthfully? It kind of hurts me that u haven’t done that. U used to love doing that for me. You always made me cum so precious that way. Why haven’t u?”

“Maybe I will anew someday. We’ll see.”

“Will u tonight? I’d love to feel that with you afresh.”

“It will happen when it happens.”

“But why haven’t u? Just tell me the truth.”

“Relax. Don’t worry about it.”

“Scott, I’m serious! I do worry about it. U used to love doing that. And you’re so precious at it. I actually miss it.”

Scott kept gently massaging my back, and ignored me. I could feel his hard little penis palpitating.

“I thought for sure u would have gone down on me your 1st night back. But you didn’t. I don’t understand.”

“You really desire the truth?” That fellow was getting agitated.

“Yes. Of course. Tell me. Please.”

“Because…” That fellow paused for a hardly any seconds, and then continued. “… when I think about doing that, I just think about all those niggers you’ve been with, ’em fucking u, and it disgusts me.”

“Oh my God! U didn’t just say that!”

“You wanted the truth. That’s the truth.”

“You’re serious?”

“That’s how I feel about it.”

“So what? Now you’re not ever intend to go down on me one greater amount time?”

“Not for a while, at least.”

“Until when? I haven’t been with anyone else since you’ve been back. No one.”

“I don’t know. Until I’m comfortable with it.”

“What’s plan to make u feel greater quantity comfortable?”

“When your cunt doesn’t smack like nigger wang anymore.”

“You are such a fucking butthole! I can’t believe you just told that to me.”

I squirmed to acquire out from beneath him, wanting to leave. “Get off me! Don’t touch me!”

I got off the couch, stood up, and headed towards the baths.

This chab shouted after me. “You wanted the truth. That’s the truth.”

I stopped and turned back to look at him. “Fuck you, Scott! Fuck you and your little ramrod. I’ve been trying, I’ve actually been trying, but I’m done with u. Fuck u!”

“Can’t handle the truth?”

“Here’s what I can’t handle. U. Here. In my house. Tomorrow morning, I crave u gone. Greater amount fantastic yet, acquire the fuck out now!”

“This is my house!”

“Fuck u, Scott! Go fuck your self!”

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