Watching you destroy what’s left of Scott will be so much fun. Not just for the train wreck factor, but ‘cuz he’s really kind of fucked you over charming bad. Folks action like your consensual torment and humiliation of Scott makes you a bad person. It does not, it makes u an outstanding slut wife. But you were always open and honest about where u each stood in the relationship. I can’t say as much for him. He’s a sneaky, dishonest, lying, embezzler, willing to double cross anyone in his way.

I’m happy ANYBODY sees the other side of this.

Scott has absolutely fucked everything up. I’ve made my own mistakes, but it hasn’t all been me. He wouldn’t be in this mess if that dude wasn’t so weak and inexperienced. It indeed ticks me off.

I still love him, and abhor to watch him going through this, but I’ll be damned if I’m plan to stand by and let his pussy mother try to fuck me over. That’s not intend to happen!

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