Video pranks

I’m about to have a conversation with someone at YouTube about the censored video and their policies. But in the meantime, it seems that Chevy is hosting an online contest where participants make commercials for their SUVs. Evidently they haven’t started screening the entries yet.

Check ’em out — and if you make a good one, send it in and I’ll post. These links will expire; enjoy now!

One.* Two. * Three. (Thanks, Jason!)

Update: Here’s mine! It’s all text from the subject lines of email in my spam folder — and it works!

Update: more videos!

* Video from M, a bondage model and pal — text by Missy Elliott
* Video from Jim, a Tiny Nibbles reader
* Video from L, an SRL grrrrl

Update — you know you want it — Chevy Tahoe video from COOP!

Update: A really funny one from Tiny Nibbles reader Mark!

But wait, another update! This one’s from Sean Bonner (and I think it’s my favorite); this one is where Chevy goes goatse. Chevy must think that their viral campaign is tremendously successful, not realizing that we’re kind of putting the fetid infectiousness back into the definition of “viral”. With no intention of promoting, or buying, their product. Heh.

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