Tokyo public nudity: Female passenger takes off clothes on Japanese train during daytime

You see some strange sights on Japanese trains. Drunk passengers. Gropers. People in costumes. Sleeping human dominos. Even the occasional case of a pubic hair being plucked.

Sometimes you even see people naked — and that’s in addition to the streakers who like to target girls.

One such bizarre scene of public nudity was caught on camera recently. A Japanese woman sits on a seat on a busy train, apparently asleep — and apparently after having removed all of her lower body’s clothes. She sits there, legs bare and pussy exposed to all the world. At her feet lie her jeans, underwear and shoes. Her bag seems to sit beside her, forgotten and ignored.

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Is this the walk of shame taken to a whole other level?

The offending image was first shared on Twitter (long since deleted). We just love how the other passengers are taking no notice.

Presumably the young woman in question was seriously drunk and the effects of the night before made her completely lose control, as opposed to just having a crazy roshutsu (exhibitionism) fetish like certain other Japanese ladies. The only problem is that this is so public and urban that she ran a real risk of getting arrested for indecent exposure.

Saying that, more than trains, it’s the highways where you can often catch the most public nudity in Japan. We recently wrote about the couple observed having sex in a speeding vehicle on one highway.

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