Three kinds of interviews

Audio, text and video! Wow, today my RU Sirius Podcast Show interview is blogged on Boing Boing; I’m profiled (with a great photo) in the Spring 2006 print issue of Venus Zine, along with Neko Case and Margaret Cho; and the Geek Entertainment TV video interview I did with San Francisco International Film Festival director Graham Leggat is up! w00t!

Link to post: Geek Entertainment TV: Graham Leggat Talks Film & Citizen Media (remember, this was a surprise; I had no idea I’d be on video that morning… )

* Image: Margaret Muthafucking Super-H4WT Cho dancing with snakes on a plane!!!! Seriously, I’m dying over the incredible coolness/hotness factor of Maragaret Cho’s blog right now. She blogs, “I am pussy without borders.” Nice.

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