There’re some things about a dude and a woman you can just tell…

There are some things about a guy and a woman u can just tell by looking and closely observing. The way they look at every other, their body language around each other, they way they touch every other.

Kimberly and Rachel and I’ve been plan to Kizomba dance classes for quite a whilst. We all love it! It’s plenty of joy.

It’s a hot, sensuous dance style… very physical. It’s like making love standing up with your raiment off with a stranger. The dance originates from Africa. And in the classes we attend, all of the male instructors are either dark or Latin American.

During the dance, the woman nice-looking much has her cunt on the guy’s leg the entire time, kind of rubbing it up and down all during the dance. And if his dick is hard, you can definitely feel it. 

We had a class this afternoon, and watching Kimberly dance with one of the instructors, it was charming obvious that they’ve been intimate with each other. The way they held on to every other after the dance was over… the way this babe kissed him on the cheek to thank him for the dance… the way that stud looked at her, moving his eyes down the full length of her body, and smiled at her.. and what cinched it for me… the way her hand lingered on his upper leg and kind of moved up towards his crotch as this babe stepped back.

It was beautiful obvious that they’ve been fucking. I just know it.

His name is Enrico; he’s maybe around 30, originally from Brazil. Has the sexiest accent, and is totally glamorous!

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