There are some wicked and wanton sweethearts in life who you might…

There’re some wicked and wanton chicks in life who you might meet… they’re fun, exciting, and thrilling. Sex with ’em will be the best you’ve ever had. It will blow your mind just how priceless it’s.

Marry one, and she’ll cheat on u within a few months – with your allies, business partners, neighbors, golf buddies, and each one else. You’ll over hear boyz in the locker room at the gym talking about the sexy little wench they screwed a scarcely any nights agone, and later realize they’re talking about your dirty slut wife. They’ll talk about how wicked she was, and how this babe couldn’t get enough.

You’ll become her cuckold hubby, and love each concerned, angst-filled minute of it. She’ll take you places sexually that u can’t even imagine. She’ll become your addiction. In the process, she will completely fuck up your life. And you’ll love her for it.

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