The walk… and the talk…

Well that was the walk and talk from hell.

We walked on the beach for a long time, not actually saying much, just listening to the waves and smelling the surf. I was barefoot; he was wearing deck shoes.

After a whilst, we stopped to sit on the sand together. This guy said me this stud missed our long walks on the beach jointly, and that this chab regretted he was at no time able to be the guy that guy thought I merited. This fellow spoke in a low, calm, and deliberate voice, but likewise in a sad, dejected kind of way.

The way this chab sounded, and the way that stud told it scared me; it sounded like this chab was getting ready to break up with me.

And then this dude started to cry.

He said that dude was having serious financial problems, and has been beneath plenty of stress.

That dude told, “I don’t know if I’m intend to be able to acquire out of this.”

He said that man was close to settling all the lawsuits that are going on betwixt him and his former partners, and the legal conflict betwixt him and the government, which that fellow said this stud thinks is ultimately plan to cost him between 70-80% of his net worth.

That guy told when that chap broke up with Emily, after this babe had the abortion, that fellow felt sorry for her and gave her $150,000. But that ‘cuz he used company cash to do it, he’s gonna be compulsory to pay back.

That fellow too has to pay the company back all the cash he improperly used to pay the fellow who was blackmailing him… the boy this fellow met through Marlon… which amount was not quite six times what he gave to Emily.

That fellow said that as part of the deal with the government, this guy is gonna be forced to plea to at least one count of wire fraud, but has been told by his lawyers that coz he’s been cooperating with the government, and has at no time been in any serious legal trouble before, this chab probably won’t have to do any prison time, but will instead be put on probation.

He explained how his family trust works, that the trust is the actual owner of the beach house we live in, and much of the contents, and confessed that he’s been improperly using trust money to pay personal expenses for several years, including the cash that man used to buy my car. This chab said that as part of the deal with the government, this man will be removed as the trustee, and that I’m going to lose my car.

This dude said this chab wishes me to relinquish my rights to acquire any additional specie from him, underneath the separation agreement we reached two years agone, and that this chab needs me to return the money that I’ve already received. This fellow told that if I do that, it will show him how committed I’m to him, and to us, and that if I don’t, it will tell him smth else.

That guy was very upset that he’s apparently been black-balled from the industry in the area where we live. This dude said this guy can’t even get a collision with anyone.

This stud said he was beautiful assured this chab was gonna receive a job offer from an investment company in Boston, and that if this chap did, this chab was probably plan to take it.

My life is over.

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