The day your husband goes to jail you move your paramour in? Cold, B. Cold.

That’s not true! That’s not what happened.

I was so distraught over what happened at the court hearing Friday, and in serious risk of relapse, James came over and spent the night with me. This chab just listened, and held me, and kept me safe. We the one and the other fell asleep, with our clothes on, in the living room, on the couch.

And then… for the same reasons… I was with him, at his place, on Saturday night. We slept jointly, but didn’t even have sex. This chab knew I wasn’t in the mood, and didn’t shove it.

I wasn’t with him and didn’t watch him on Sunday or Monday. Instead I spent almost any of both days with Rachel, who came over and stayed with me. This babe was even wonderful sufficiently to go with me to my meeting on Sunday.

Rachel doesn’t judge. That babe just cares about and loves and supports me. Like a ally should. This babe went throughout a lot, a lengthy during the time that back, with her ex-husband Sam. And I was there for her through all of it.

My ally Gina has too been very supportive, although I didn’t appreciate her making a joke about Scott sucking ding-dong in prison.

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