The Couples Party

Regarding the party last night… a tiny in number interesting things…

– There were 2 chicks there wearing a key on a chain around their neck, who had their husband’s jock locked up at the party.

– My spouse, like tons of alpha personality studs with the small 10-Pounder, frequently underestimate how disappointed some women are with told miniature dick.

– Scott dipped his pecker into recent snatch last night… two sweethearts, actually. The first woman was Asian, young, there with her boyfriend who was much, much aged. My spouse loved her! The second woman was there with her husband; who was massively hung. This babe had trouble hiding her disappointment with my husband’s petite endowment… but still soldiered throughout it, ha ha. I think it actually kind of turned my spouse on when that babe kidded him, “Well… at least you’re not going to hurt me with that,” and laughed.

– The almost all chic and sexiest couple there final night were two hotties, both lesbians. They looked like they walked out of Vogue, both clothed to the nines. One was mature, maybe 40. Her partner was maybe 22. Very hot! They weren’t looking for fellows.

– I hooked up with one guy… an Italian lad with a glamorous face, and an equally glamorous penis. He invited me to join him and his slut wife for a little private party outside in the hot tub. Mmmmm… CuckCake!

– My husband now owes me 2 blowjobs.

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