That chap could have come to me when Marlon and that other stud supposedly threatened him… which I don’t even know if it actually happened. But he didn’t. This chab chose to be a coward about it. Seriously? So Marlon just up and disappeared like a fart in the wind for nothing, come on B be smarter then that. Are u really gonna take James idea over your husbands word?????

Well, as I’ve thought about this over the last many months, it appears to be highly far-fetched to me that my spouse would have stolen that much money just to give to Marlon and his ally.

On the other hand, when I 1st started making my spouse go watch Marlon, ‘coz I wanted him to receive the real 10-Pounder experience… this chap resisted and complained. He execrated it, and didn’t wanna go.

But then after several months, I noticed that this man would just go, to engulf off Marlon, or put his gazoo up for him, or whatsoever, and would just do it out of complaint. It’s like the resistance just melted away.

So yeah, I guess it’s possible that Marlon and the other man were blackmailing him.

But it sure seems to me that my spouse would have at least mentioned it to me.

Gina thinks that what Scott did was steal the money in order to replace the money that he was required to pay and set aside for me pursuant to our separation agreement. This babe thinks that’s what really happened. And that the specie is hidden and squirreled away somewhere.

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