Texts with Billy earlier this day

Are you around? It’s B_____, from the other night.

Damn! I didn’t think you’d call.

Ha, ha. It’s your lucky day!

I suppose so. What’s going on?

I’m just hanging out. 

We should hook up sometime.

You busy tonight?

I was, but I just cleared my schedule!

Ha, ha.

Do you wanna meet up somewhere?

Or I could just go by your place.



Just to hang out?

Or soever.

U wish to get messed up?


You got any stuff?


I can call my boy.


How long you known Stan?

Not that long. A hardly any months.

This chab told u like to party.

Ha ha. Sometimes. What did that guy tell u?

That u completely rock.

Awwww… he’s just being admirable.

I can probably receive some admirable stuff tonight.


U ever snowballed?


We should try it.

Maybe. I must be careful though.


It’s been a whilst for me. Like a lengthy time.

Understand. I’ll call my stud.

Okay. Like what time is good?

Does ten work?


Can u text me the address?

Sending now.

Got it.

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