Texts between Ty and Kimberly

Ty copied me on this swap last night… betwixt him and Kimberly yesterday afternoon.


Where’s my Ty? You there?

What up baby?

Whatcha doing?

Nothing. Chilling. U?

School stuff. Got dance in a during the time that.

You still doing that with your stepmom?


That babe seems beautiful kewl.

Yea. She’s pleasure to hang out with. She’s really liking the new instructor from Angola, he-he. I still can’t move my haunches like her, especially in heels, but I’m working on it.

This babe still got that boyfriend u told me about?

I don’t think so. This babe told they broke up.

What happened?

Her and my dad are back jointly or smth. Not absolutely sure.

Wasn’t she just seeing that brother on the side?

Yea. This chab used to come by a lot.

She likes that nigga weenie.

Ha-ha-ha. Yea. I guess.

How things with your dad?

I don’t know. He’s weird. I suppose he’s like depressed or something.

U and him talk much?

Kinda. Sometimes. We did yesterday.


School mostly. Driving stuff. My little brother. This chab was asking me about my mama.

When you intend to invite me over to meet dad?

U want!

You still keeping me on the down low?

Yup. Yup.

For how much longer?

Forever longer, ha-ha-ha.


You know why!

That hurts. Keeping your nigga in the closet like that.

I SHOULD keep u in my closet!! Right next to my couch, ha-ha-ha.

Sounds fine to me. I’d be hitting it every night, though.

That would be okay with me!

Damn hotty.

So…. I got one more text from your friend Darnell today.



What this dude say?

This chab asked if I wanted to hang out tonight.



What u say?

That I’d must talk with u about it.

You didn’t just tell him no?

Should I’ve?

Like at his place, or what?

Well, he can’t come here. Not with my daddy back being Mr. Investigator.

How would u get there?

I could take Uber. Darnell told that stud would pay for it.

Do u wanna hang out with him?

I don’t know. Would it bother u?

Just to hang out. Nah.

You know what he’s intend to want.

What do u crave?

I don’t know.

You like being with him last time?

Uhhhhh… yea.

I’m cool with it.

You sure?

No problem. He’ll treat u right, LOL.

You promise u won’t be mad?


He’s intend to wanna fuck me, u know that, right?

How could this chab not, ha-ha-ha. Have u seen that wazoo in the mirror?

You’re so enjoyable.

What time did this stud crave u to go over?

He didn’t say a time.

You’re not safe this week though, right?

Not really.

Make sure that fellow wears a condom.

I will. I promise.

Call me after. When you receive back home.


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