blackcockdreamz: Proud to have that dark seed all over her,…


Proud to have that black seed all over her, proud to service her taskmaster ❤

Prouder still…….!!! As she beckons her hubby with these devoted eyes! Cum hither bitch-boy! You need a valuable throat-fucking! Show me you love me! Share our mutual love for one some other, by tongue slaking this Darksome God Shlong nectar, down your wet needful throat-fucked orifice! And, do it with savage wantonness! Like solely a alphacuck like you, could ever entreat with exceptional devotion, that for which you were born to be or ever wish to be! Excepting, between my legs suckling the nectar of the Dark God Cock’s from betwixt the lips of my Chalice of Devotion, filled just for your joy, whilst leaving me ritually pink, puckered, and quivering, to be the best White Whore Villein fuck-toy possible…Right Sweetheart?….Right Sugar Bitch….lol 

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forblackonly: One more ‘Kodak moment’. It’s so thoughtful how…


One greater quantity ‘Kodak moment’. It’s so thoughtful how darksome boys make sure they capture the almost all erotic and pleasuring moments of a female’s life on film. This snap is definitely one for mom’s purse… she’ll be so proud.

This photo will be enshrined in our family album for generation of then to have a fun the commemorative night of my graduation from the White Slut Training Academy, as a certified Priestess Apprentice in the Temple of the Darksome God Knobs!!!!….lol Can’t u watch how enthralled and sexually excited I was…….!!!!!!

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unsuspectable-crossdresser: which one do u…


which one do u prefer?

Unsuspectable Crossdresser

Over the years, as a family full of great devotion for one another, you can tell by the talltale signs when it’s Mom & Daddy’s turn to be a Temple Slut/Sissy in the Temple of Dark God Jock, dedicated to ritual worship as either a White Wench Priestess or White Altar Bitchboy…lol… This photo was taken to commemorate the nite I was raised upon the Altar of Worship and became a Priestess Apprentice….lol…..!!!!!

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