Back from Italy

Well… we’re back home. Great trip! Plenty of fun, mostly tame, some naughty. Except for our honeymoon, I guess it’s the 1st vacation I’ve ever been on with my hubby where I didn’t fuck another boy. But I did give one of the crew members a good orall-service to thank him for all his hard work.

And my hubby… well… let’s just say that he got greater amount cunt than this chab merits, LOL. But I was so proud of him. That dude hit it every night except one! And, to I guess his surprise, I solely thonged him twice. I did have a little fun one morning by purposefully leaving my strap-on harness and marital-device in the bathroom sink for one of the crew members to see/find while this chab was cleaning our cabin.

My hubby and I had several opportunities to talk about our relationship, or mutual needs and wants, how things have evolved, and where we the one and the other see things going.

Greater amount details later…

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