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One night we’d stopped at a club 2 miles from our home. We ran into a dark fellow that we one as well as the other liked, Roger. Although it was 12:30 in the morning I just now invited him over. My hubby was in the kitchen downstairs making everyone a drink during the time that I showed Roger our abode. I was checking my make-up from a compact on a night stand beside our couch when Roger took me into his arms and kissed me. I love giving a kiss and I smiled and kissed him back. Our kisses grew progressivley longer and the stirring in my snatch was meaty. I’d begun undressing Roger when my husband brought our drinks, but neither of us said everything. I pulled Roger’s sweater off and admired his meaty muscles in advance of unzipping his slacks and pulling them off also. I ran my hands up and down his haunches as I smiled at my spouse. I was impressed by Roger’s physique. He was wearing only a leopard strap as I unbuttoned my flimsy top and then stepped without my petticoat. Now, I was wearing merely black heels as I gently poked Roger back onto our sofa and straddled him. I sucked on every of his nipps, it was so erotic. amateur slut wife fucking darksome cockRoger kissed so well and this chab was such a gentleman that I felt safe. I had to place his hands upon my love bubbles, but soon this chab had my lengthy nipples betwixt his thumbs and forefingers pulling ’em away from my ample mangos. And, then this chab was sucking ’em! I began humping his belt until he removed it and we assumed the typical sixty-nine position with me on top. Roger’s ramrod was the largest I’d seen until that time. It didn’t take me a lengthy time to make him ejaculate. I drank every drop of his goo as his legs shook, furiosly. I was delighted to see that his huge wang was still hard. I turned around and kissed him and asked him, “If this chap could come afresh?” This chab shook his head, ‘yes.’ I titty-fucked his wang, smth I’d at no time done to my husband who was nude in a chair by our couch playing with himself. My arms encircled Roger’s neck and I kissed him as he cupped my a-hole cheeks. This chab reached betwixt our bodies and guided his ebony club inside my love tunnel. I began to agonorgasmos nearly immeiately. Then, Roger turned me over and fucked me in the missionary position and I couldn’t stop climaxing. That stud left about 4:30AM.amateur  dirty slut wife fucking darksome cockamateur slut wife fucking dark cockamateur  slutty wife fucking dark cockamateur slut wife fucking darksome cock

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