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A really epic domestic saga has just reached a recent black crescendo right now at FemDom Hotwife Cuckold Interracial, a Tumblr blog publishing some of the almost all engaging story telling done anywhere right now: .

The story has been unfolding for several years, Tumblr style, following in the footsteps of Armistead Maupin whose modern-day story Tales of the City was first published as serial column in the San Francisco Chronicle. Publishing novels in serial format is a literary convention pioneered by Charles Dickens whose novels were all 1st published in weekly or monthly installments in various print periodicals of the time, and solely later published in the book format in which almost any now read his works.

The story at FemDomHotWifeCuckoldInterracial is presented as the tale of Her own life shared in real-time, an intensive drama of – you guessed it – extra-marital affairs, interracial sex, cuckolding, and female domination.  And along the way there are lots of drugs and drama.  Not surprisingly there’s an long-running debate among the Tumblr’s followers about whether FemDomHotWife is sharing a story or telling a story. Truth is often stranger than fiction.

Whilst the subject matter will strike many as far less than serious, as porn, the story arc blows the door off of most literary efforts right now.  It may be soap opera, but it’s still one helluva a story.  I cite Maupin and Dickens for worthy reason here – those authors knew the vigour of a worthwhile soap opera.   By working in the Tumblr porn “genre,” FemDomHotWife is perhaps pioneering some fresh ground here.  Furthermore, FemDomHotWife makes use of Tumblr to extend the serial form even further by telling parts of the ongoing story though answers to readers questions.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear there’s a radical literature PhD candidate out there thinking about whether a deconstruction of this story would make for a nice dissertation.

It’s not easy to jump into the story – it’s been going on so long that readers occasionally write-in with questions to ask who is who.  Several years of not-to-be-missed drama have now passed.  Who would desire to jump into Tales of the Town more than halfway throughout the story? However, going back to the beginning of the blog is challenging.  At over 4,000 pages of posts, there are lots of just straight-up porn images one get to scroll though as you read story. 

Fortunately, the author tags some (but NOT all) of Her story-telling posts with #personal.  But even in that cut, as of this day, there are 1,142 pages of #personal posts.  A saga really!  Another problems with this “cheat” is that u won’t read Her answers to the many reader questions/comments, by which plenty of the story unfolds and MANY of her personal posts don’t receive that hashtag.  So I encourage u to read from the beginning.  Consider it like beginning from the beginning of a valuable lengthy book.  It’s a treat, not a burden.

As of this day, this is the very first page in the story (because Tumblr counts pages “backwards”:

If u wish to browse the story a bit, to see if its truly for you, here is the URL for her posts tagged personal, beginning with page 1,142 (and if you come upon this post here after it’s first published this day, u should back up even further as undoubtedly/hopefully! greater quantity #personal posts will have been made):

Enjoy the ride!

If you wanna read my personal posts, in chronological order, this is how u do it:

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