so how was your 4th this year! much different than final year I presume.

Very different, yep.

Final year we had a great pool party, and had plenty of enjoyment. This year, Rachel and Gina and I went down the street to hang out with some other friends, and watch fireworks.

Kimberly was out doing smth with her allies.

The Whore Mother and her ball-less husband stayed at the abode.

James did I don’t know what.

Ginger Rod called, and wanted to hang out, but I’m getting kind of bored with him.

Who knows where Marlon is; as greater quantity time passes, I’m becoming greater quantity and greater amount skeptical about what my spouse told happened in there.

Scott was probably engulfing ramrod last night, and had a Roman candle go off in his throat.

And Johnny… I really miss him. If I hadn’t panicked, and terminated my pregnancy, his baby would be four years old right now, and I’d be in a much happier place.

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