So are u of the mind set that it’s time To prepare for life after Scott?

I don’t think I’ve much choice, particularly after what my spouse said me when I saw him this week.

He’s solely been there about a month, and he’s already broken.

He’s been beat up, sexually assaulted, and coercive to do some vile, disgusting, degrading things. And the guards aren’t doing anything to protect him; in fact they’re making everything worse. It’s like they targeted him from the pont of time that man got there.

The earliest that stud can possibly acquire out will be in October, and I just know he’s not gonna be the same person when he receives out.

Beyond that, his lawyers told me they think the judge is actually going to slam him on sentencing, ‘cuz the prosecutors think that dude has hidden specie, which means he’s looking at doing even greater quantity time beyond October.

And I have no interest in being a Prison Bunny.

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