slaveintraining: More of the serf flashing in public. Wearing her VILLEIN collar and a shirt that…


More of the thrall flashing in public. Wearing her BONDMAN collar and a shirt that says “DONT WORRY, MY SPOUSE SHARES”.

There’s often a debate about the nature of the (contemporary) definition of a cuckold and as members of the community know, I define it as a husband who shares his dirty slut wife from a position lacking authority. I’ve never told that sharing alone is the definition of a cuckold, so this couple is a clear case where the spouse shares her from a position of overt authority and bravo to them both for that.

Just to be clear, sharing from a passive perspective is still a position lacking overt authority and is typically a spouse trying to have his cake without getting the frosting on his face.

Charming sure there’s a hidden message in there?

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