Riho Yoshioka has nip slip (almost) on fashion show catwalk

The actress Riho Yoshioka took part in her first fashion show catwalk event last weekend and gave fans more than they bargained for when she bent down to touch hands with admirers.

At the Sweet Collection 2018 event in Shibuya on April 7th, organised by Sweet magazine, the 25-year-old Riho Yoshioka made a surprise guest appearance on the catwalk. Her cute bust wobbled as she walked and she even stuck out her tongue with sheer glee.

riho yoshioka cute bust nip slip

riho yoshioka cute bust nip slip

She momentarily revealed quite a flash of her chest, almost giving us a glimpse at the goods beneath. All right, so it’s not quite a genuine nip slip but we can chalk it up as yet another alluring Riho Yoshioka episode following her semi-nude scenes in a television drama earlier this year.

Riho, you are adorable!

Other models on the Sweet Collection 2018 catwalk included Haruna Kojima, Saeko, and Maggy.

Oh to have been a fly on the wall in that green room.

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