Reader Survey

I enjoy reading the FemDomHotwifeCuckoldInterracial tumblr blog because…

  1. I secretly cheat on my husband.
  2. My husband and I are in a Hotwife/Cuckold relationship.
  3. I’m a woman, and am curious about FemDom.
  4. I want I had the same type of relationship with my spouse that B has with Scott.
  5. My husband has a diminutive ramrod also.  🙁
  6. I love a man with a big ding-dong!
  7. I like black chaps as much as B does.
  8. I’ve at no time been with a dark chap.
  9. I’m a Headmistress. (Or would love to be one.)
  10. I’m a Cuckold, and I love it.
  11. I’m a Cuckold, and I loathe it.
  12. I desire my wife would cuckold me.
  13. I crave my wife would dominate me.
  14. I’m a secret faggot, and love to engulf jock.
  15. I secretly want I was Scott.
  16. I’m a Dark Bull, and love fucking other men’s wives.
  17. I feel sorry for Scott.
  18. I guess Scott’s an idiot.
  19. I admire what B had done with Scott.
  20. I love catching these short-term images of B.
  21. I miss hearing about Scott’s faggot adventures.
  22. I love that B makes her spouse lick her out after she’s been with another fellow.
  23. I love that B bonks her husband with a strap-on.
  24. I love that B makes her spouse engulf penis for her.
  25. I like hearing about Kimberly.
  26. I have a daughter like Kimberly.
  27. I like hearing about Rachel and Gina.
  28. I miss hearing about Johnny.
  29. I crave B and Johnny would have ended up together.
  30. I’ve been following this blog for so long, I remember who Charity Stud was.
  31. I like hearing about James.
  32. I suppose B should receive more involved with James.
  33. I think B should end things with James.
  34. I suppose B should have a baby with James.
  35. I like hearing about Mandy.
  36. Greater quantity Buddy, please!
  37. I guess B is a bitch, but I love her!
  38. I guess B is a whore, and I loathe her!
  39. This blog is like a train wreck, but I can’t stop reading it.
  40. I’ve tried, but I can’t quit this blog.
  41. I like this blog, but I think it could use greater amount cowbell.

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