Re: Bulky Sluts: Here’s the avid part.. sweethearts are much more judgemental than males. Ask 1000 hotties what a hot stud looks like, and I wager the answers come down to 5-6 dudes in hollywood. Ask 1000 boyz and you’re intend to get 900 different answers. Men as a group wish a VERY divers group of sweethearts, for 61/2 foor tall to 4 foot tall, BBW to anorexic, Blonde to redhead to Hairless. Boyz are insane when it comes to what they find sexy… I’ll take mine, short, slender, petite mangos and any hair color!

Well, that’s ‘coz almost all males are dogs, and will fuck everything, ha ha. Whereas chicks tend to be greater quantity selective about who receives into their panties. Unless it’s after midnight. And she’s drunk. And she’s ovulating. And the rent is coming up due.

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