Poke her to the very edge


Say this babe looks ugly
Ask if it’s cool if u fuck her sister
Steal her cash
Hit her when in public
Tell your allies they can fuck her
Spit beer in her face
Put cigs out on her
Take her phone, text mean things to friends/family
Tell her that babe deserves to be miserable
Make her fail out of school
Do her drugs with other girls
Make her say racist or other bad things
Wake her up by pissing on her
Tell her allies this babe can’t live without rape and misogyny
Beat her dad’s butt
Brand her like a cow
Tell her no one will ever love her
Get another gal preggy

And when she lastly breaks down and tries to leave, that’s when you rape her. Fuck the shit without her. Make sure it’s the almost all admirable that babe ever had. Cuddle her after for 30 minutes afterward. Promise that everything will change. Say you can’t live out of her.

Then begin shoving again

This sounds exactly like smth James would say.

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