Panic in outfit park

Alright, so I just made eros boutique refund all my money on the schoolgirl outfit, and I couldn’t be any angrier about it. As you all know I placed the order a week ago Monday, and was supposed to receive it this Monday. I waited and waited, and finally called them (at the behest of my hot houseguest Miss Satanica) to get a tracking number yesterday. I was forlorn as I made the call — I knew that there was no way I’d have the outfit for the party, but still wanted it regardless. I spoke with a woman who told me that the outfit had been delayed at customs, and she was really sorry, but that she’s overnight it to me on Friday morning — and that I should call her on Friday. She assured me I’d have it by Saturday, which was disappointing, but I could wear it for a few parties this Saturday night. So all night at the GV party, where many people were hoping to see the outfit voted by you, the readers, the jokes were that my outfit was detained because it was obviously a threat to national security. Then today I call eros boutique, and the same woman tells me that "they no loner make that outfit." What the fuck? I knew instantly that something was a lie, and I was steamed. She told me that she tried to call me last night "three times but your phone was busy" (a, not possible; b, then why didn’t she leave a message). But I figured, why argue, I should just hope to get my money back. So I won’t be recommending that anyone shops there anytime soon.

So what am I going to do without a fabulous new outfit for the weekend parties — and how did I cope last night? Luckily Miss Satanica is a burlesque and performance queen, and she gave me a great idea: I went to the party as a glamorous, pink satin "broken doll." And it was a huge hit — so huge that Hornboy had to strong-arm a man who was forcibly harassing me, who then of course turned to fight with Hornboy, but luckily the whole thing was being watched by security who were already on their way over and took the guy away.

But the party was a lot of fun anyway, and I’ll post pictures as they come in. No sex was had by me, and so there are few savory details to post (except that Miss S went to a sex party afterward and made two guys suck each other’s cocks while she snacked on h’ors d’ourves, you know, just a regular day for her).

Now I need to go, because today is Miss S’s birthday and it’s almost happy hour — tonight a party at a dominatrix’s house and the Last Gasp company party. And I swear, after this weekend I’ll be telling you all about this really amazing sex machine I now own. The inventor/manufacturer wants to modify it and take it in a very cool direction, and so him (and his sweet wife) delivered one to my house (!) with a bunch of hardware and modifying equipment to see how I would experiment with it. Appeal to my geeky robotic urges and my sexual experimentation urges — and I’m in heaven!

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