Betty Lipstick bonus photos!

Remember in my last post I was excited to see that local San Francisco altbabe Betty Lipstick is going to be (a much-needed shot in the arm for the June issue of tired old) Playboy? And how I bemoaned the lack of nippiness in all her public online galleries? Well, with Ms. Lipstick’s permission, the following nippleicious pics landed in my inbox all hot and bloggable; apparently these are from the set she sent to Playboy as her application. Some resume, yum! Thanks, Ray! (One more after the jump.)

Betty Lipstick

Betty Lipstick

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Girls of Myspace

DSCN1079.jpgWho reads Playboy anymore? I have no idea, but since striking up a friendship with the horny podcasters over at Playboy UK last year, I’ve been just kind of bemusedly watching our domestic version struggle along trying to catch up with… well, everything. The US version of Playboy, to me, has become synonymous with people who aren’t current with anything in the world of sex, tech, porn, sex culture or girls and guys my age (which is funny because their models are younger than me). Whenever I make a joke about the Playboy dino and waiting for the meteor here in the blog, I always get lots of appreciative email. I was recently emailed and asked to be on Playboy TV (again) but I didn’t reply; maybe it was rude but I just didn’t know what to say; I know that Playboy farms out all their TV stuff and the companies that do it are staffed by some really cool people working for a pittiance; it’s a classic catch-22.

So of course when I read about the whole Playboy doing the “Girls of MySpace” thing, I giggled. Of course — it’s already *so over*, and what a perfect bid for the wanna-be Hefners to get a safe taste of what the younger boys get these days? This email exchange a few minutes ago (with somone who asked to remain anonymous) sums it all up perfectly:

“Yes. It is Rupert Murdoch getting a suck-job from all his corporate lackeys. Not that I am a huge fan of Tribe or Friendster, but FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!! All it took was some rich fuck owning it and suddenly it’s the Next Big Thing. I wonder if any of those self-righteous journalists out there have the faintest idea how thoroughly Murdoch is using them when they report on the “My Space phenomenon.” Even NPR is on the bandwagon — they did like a 10 minute segment on whether My Space was a good idea for teens, given that at a party posted on My Space somebody got stabbed in Berkeley. There was absolutely no news, but they just blathered on, interviewing like 5 kids about what they thought about My Space. “Is it possible that internet predators could find teens this way?????” It’s all carefully calculated hype and more importantly, I am sick of porn stars sending me to their My Space page where they have 200,000 “friends.” OK. I’m backing away from the coffeepot.”

So, the leading “men’s magazine” with a sad website, no podcast (unless you count the $10 a month ‘bodcast‘), nothing new to say about sex, and who ceased to affect our culture’s wider conversation about sex and culture about 30 years ago is in bed with Rupert Murdoch. Hott. Like ten million exciting sexual things (models, photogs, ideas, tech) aren’t happening in their own backyard. Yes, I linked to AVN on that one; that’s how bad it is. One thing to their credit, though — I will concede that they get a tiny bonus for selecting San Francisco’s Betty Lipstick (pictured; horrifyingly loud MySpace sound warning on link) as one of many for their Girls of MySpace issue; a real live tattooed altgirl. Even though she practices celibacy, and nary a nip is exposed on any of her gallery pages, at least she doesn’t look like a cigarette blonde twin of Malibu Barbie circa 1990. The MySpace/Playboy thing is dated and creepy and I have to scrub my corenas off after thinking about Murdoch and naked girls, but at least Ms. Lipstick means the times might be a-changing… Maybe.

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Bend over boyfriend, just like in the 1950s

This video should bring a smile to your face and blush to all of your cheeks: The Wet Spots (sound warning) perform an adorable rendition of “Do You Take It?” Yup — “adorable” and “butt sex” in the same category. Thanks, Marching Band boy! Video embed after the jump, for however long YouTube isn’t paying attention…

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[Audio] Open Source Sex 37

house of assAs seen on Fleshbot yesterday, my podcast interview with Tristan Taormino is live — in audio MP3 and video M4V versions! Tristan sent me a bunch of still photos from her ‘reality porn’ movie House of Ass for the podcast, and after the jump I’ve hand-picked some very nsfw selections; a few of my favorites. But there’s a lot to check out here — text:

An interview with Tristan Taormino! Part of the NPR radio series of interviews I’m doing — this time, Tristan called in from rainy Brooklyn, New York to tell us how to prepare for first-time anal sex, all about enemas (!), anal sex and pregnancy, her new Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 2nd ed. (and all the cool new information in it), her extremely hot video House of Ass and her new contract at Vivid Video to make explicit educational movies! We covered a lot of ground and could’ve talked for another half-hour, for sure. These interviews are done in a storefront window in the “hip” Mission district here in SF, so imagine the looks I got when people walked by and heard “anal orgasms” coming from the speakers…

Her House of Ass video is one of the best porn videos I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Watch the trailer @ her site, (where you can also download the trailer to your iPod). If you buy the video, be sure to buy it directly from Tristan (plus, she autographs each DVD). Also be sure to visit Tristan’s MySpace page.

Link to MP3; link to explicit M4V video slideshow version; link to original post.

If you’d rather listen to the MP3 and just look at House of Ass pictures (rather than download the video), you can see them (and more) in all their glory at Deviant Cult X.

See also: my best friend Thomas had to go and copy me, so read his excellent review of House of Ass at Eros Zine while you’re at it.

* * * * * * *

Justine Joli looks so beautiful and angelic here:

And this smile is awesome! There’s not enough smiling in porn.

Here’s Joanna Angel and Mr. Marcus; I love the way her boob looks smooshed and how Marcus and Angel are both tattooed. So fucking sexy.

Not sure who all these people are, but I think this looks fun and I’d like to try it someday:

And here is Joanna Angel again, with a great expression on her face. She cleaned that bathtub in the preceeding scene and it was really sexy to watch her bend over and scrub in fetish heels. Her nose is gorgeous; I want to lick her nose. The guy she’s having sex with was a macho jock, and Tristan and I talk about him in the podcast, and why Joanna wanted to fuck a jerk like him…

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Drama narrowly avoided, part one in a new series

So I escaped my sex writing hamster wheel for a few minutes and went out with this guy the other night. Things went swimmingly. We made tentative plans to see each other again this weekend. The next day, there is a message from him on my voicemail, telling me that his ex-girlfriend doesn’t want him to see me again.

Um… I hate pointing out obvious things. But it seems to me that the ability to label objects is such a crucial life skill that it is one we learn in childhood and perfect long enough to outwit natural selection. Labeling is the basis for navigating the world. It is the essence of being able to call things what they are. Confusing that, I think, leads one down a road that eventually has one confusing the labels “Drano” and “Pellegrino”.

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The staff of Gandalf

the staff of gandalfFrom deep in the book deadline mineshaft, I have to share with you the movie I’m most excited to see right now: I’ve watched the trailer for X-Men 3: The Last Stand way, way too many times now. I’m thrilled that part of the movie takes place in San Francisco, but I’m also obsessed with what Alan Cumming (allegedly) once called, “the staff of Gandalf”, visibly lurking in Sir Ian McKellen‘s mutantly magnetic trousers, at right.

This post is all my friend Chriso‘s fault, and if you think we watched the trailer five times in a row together screaming like lovesick teenagers at a Justin Timberlake concert while pausing for each frame of the mighty staff, you are correct.

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Off to the suicide movie

I just asked my downstairs neighbor if he knew what happened to my bike; he’s the only one with garage access besides the landlord and rents the garage (I have it on my lease to store my bike there). He gave me a really weird story about how once my bike smelled like gas so he opened a door to air it out. He looked really on the spot. So I asked him again if he knew what could have happened to it and he said he didn’t know. Hm.

Now I’m going to get out of the house and go try and use my SFIFF press pass to watch The Bridge, the film by Eric Steel about Golden Gate Bridge suicides. Did you know we have jumpers on an average of every two weeks? People kill themselves in style here. You never hear about it in the press; I’m hoping to learn more at the movie. I’m also hoping to finally see a good film at the ‘fest; so far they’ve all been awful crap.

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