My Wikipedia entry

My day has just been totally, completely made by the discovery of my Wikipedia entry — and I mention this only in grave fear that it may be changed. But my pal Thomas just sent it to me, thus bringing it to my attention, and I had to share. How did they find out my secret?

From Wikipedia:

Violet Blue is an american sex writer, podcaster, blogger, editor, and sex educator. She resides in San Francisco, California, USA. Several of her books have been bestsellers, and has been translated to several languages. Her podcast, Open Source Sex, is among the most popular iTunes podcasts. In the fall of 2005, rumors arose that Violet Blue had accepted a position as welder at the US Navy docks in San Diego. This rumor, however, has yet to be confirmed.

Whoever you are wiki writer, I love you. I shall weld you a chastity belt. And maybe a USB breathalyzer.

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Recursive metaclusterfuck

Siege got a video iPod, downloaded Open Source Sex #20 (QT video), played it on his sweetie’s chest, took a picture and blogged it (free reg). Now I’m blogging it — because I’m so excited to see what the video poscast looks like! It looks fucking sexy: Open Source Sex in a gorgeous frame. Siege wrote, “I think that was a recursive metaclusterfuck, and I love it.”


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Sex Machines, Some by Timothy Archibald

By the hairy balls of Jesus, I am done with my books.

While I stare at my navel, water my plants, wash my panties and chase my kitten around for a few minutes, check out Xeni’s awesome article on Timothy Archibald’s new book, Sex Machines. I had the chance to meet Timothy for the first time when we both read from Best Sex Writing 2005, and he’s really just one of the nicest guys in the world. His “Sex Machines” essay in my book is awesome, his blog is great… buy or steal his fabulous book.

Speaking of sex machines, I judged ComBots last weekend — my pictures begin here — loved the driveable popcorn bot. I judged both days in 8″ fetish heels (demurely beneath my tight black boot cut sweats). I met some amazing people, including sexy Sean Kelly (who I interviewed here), a woman who judged for BattleBots and has been in robotics for 20 years, and many awesome guys and girls who makes cool robots. I judged the final round of competition, and let me tell you, being responsible for a $10,000 cash prize is beyond nerve-racking. And yes, Dave Caulkins (whose personal money it was; they might have broken even on the event) played the music from battle of the Death Star during the combat. The guy who lost was *pissed off*.

Now, a drink. Tomorrow, email and figuring out Skype — you won’t believe who’s letting me interview them…

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Video Podcast With Siege

Too much writing, I had to do a podcast: in audio (MP3) and video (M4V) formats, Open Source Sex 20, all about how to have a threesome. I’m thrilled to say that the video version has around 30 gorgeous images by Siege (of Daily Siege at Nerve, Operation Eden); totally worth checking out. Read the show notes here.

I’ve gotten tons of email about the video podcasts; overall, no one wants the audio-only versions to stop coming, and I can assure all that they’ll always be a staple of Open Source Sex. Accessibility is essential; it’s no effort whatsoever to broadcast both versions. One listener emailed me and suggested that I have two RSS feeds, one for audio and one for video; that way it wouldn’t suck up bandwidth for people who don’t want one or the other. What would be easier for everyone, since most of my downloads are now through iTunes, would be if iTunes had an option for subscribers; I imagine it’ll become more of an issue in the coming months as people see how easy it is to do a video podcast (I’m using iTunes and QuickTime Pro; I wish there were more options for QT slideshows and photo resize, but I’m working with it…). I thought about two feeds for a minute, but I’d hate to lose subscribers and have my feeds split, especially when not all of my podcasts will be video. Plus the download numbers from Libsyn are really interesting, almost even money on audio vs. video downloads.

And no, the download numbers didn’t start out even — for a few days it was about 2/3 audio, 1/3 video. I intentionally podcast the video first, and then the audio: iTunes auto downloads the most recent file for subscribers — this way, I figure people get the MP3 (audio) like usual, and can opt to download the video if they want. I know it may not work the same with other aggregators, but with other ags there are at least more subscriber options. I’m still working on all of it, and totally open to feedback and suggestions. It’s been interesting to watch the video downloads increase. (And the numbers increase every hour; #17 has been tapped 91,751 times since 9/25) I’ll see what happens as the days go by with #20. At least I know there’s *some* kind of an audience for visuals with the education and erotica, though MP3 is still the most-downloaded kind of file.

Also I need to do more interviews. Who should I interview?

I’m in the home stretch with my books… just one more chapter to write, hard copy to edit and I’m home free. I try to edit on paper over the weekend; I refrain from “strong drink” (okay, all drink) dring the week so I can have a clear head to write with, but on the weekends it’s cocktails and a red pen for me.

My inbox is stuffed to the gills, and I’ll be writing back next week, really — if you’ve emailed me with a sex question (most of my email) that isn’t urgent, you’ll get a good reply, and my friends, well… who’s left? Bacchus, for one, who finished his last email with “Don’t worry, I’ll still be your friend if you’re too busy to answer this email. ;-)” And Tony Comstock, whose email touched me in a warm spot (not *that* spot), “Now that I know you go subterranean sometimes, I don’t worry about it.”

Oooh, I need to start getting ready to go to ComBots and be a judge — I’m hoping for after-hours grudge matches later tonight…

Fun link: Comstock Films — a 30-minute look at their upcoming film Damon and Hunter.

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I’m so excited — lots of great news today. First, I’ll be a celebrity guest judge at a robot combat event next weekend in San Francisco, ComBots, “The largest fighting robot show in the world”. Next, it looks like for my next couple of video (and audio) podcasts I’ll be collaborating with and using explicit photos from Comstock Films and Siege (aka Clayton James Cubitt). Yay!!!

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Pictures of Pretty Girls

Of course, I immediately podcast the MP3 version of OSS #19, fully realizing the moment I sent it out that even I wouldn’t be able to listen to am m4v file on my older iPod… and not everyone wants to, or can, see images. Equal opportunity titillation, an important standard to uphold.

So for this book I’m working on… I’m doing quite a lot of research. One of the things I’m investigating is babelogs and how they operate. I was surprised to learn that many of the more “classy” or high-end gallery providers recommend some seriously unethical tactics to webmasters, like blind linking, meta refresh, redirects (on exit redirects, too) — it’s shameful, and highly lame. The kind of stuff that gets people barred from Google. To find this information out, I signed up for a number of affiliate programs to see how they work. A byproduct is having free access to babe galleries. I was just in the shower thinking that some of the pics are quite hot, especially the ones I’ve been seeing from Richard Kern. I really should post the links. They provide me with new galleries every day, and yes it’s an affiliate link but I’m adamantly *not* encouraging anyone to buy *anything* because I don’t want affiliate money from these sites. They never have guys in them, so part of me goes unexcited, but the part of me that gets hot looking at well-photographed sexy girls is happy about my research, so… enjoy, for what it’s worth, and don’t forget to clear your cookies after a visit — the below galleries are hosted at “”:

Hegre-Archives, Gallery-Carre, NewNudeCity (Richard Kern’s site; photo at right)

What do you think, should I post these more often? They are a little too on the famished side, hmmm. Report anything strange to me as well, if you will…

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Open Source Sex 19, with ‘video’

I think I did it! I’m watching it download through iTunes right now… my very first erotic “video” podcast! I really hope it works.

It’s essentially an audio podcast with a slideshow of erotic images to go with it, and it should play in iTunes, in QuickTime or on an iPod with video. I’ve been working on this for two days straight, having taken a break from my books to do something fun… lube up my RSS and see what I can cram into it. I’ve got a number of photographers and indy porn filmmakers who are interested in collaborating with me if I can make it work the way I want it to. They’ll provide video or photo content and I provide words (my own and from contributing authors). But the stumbling block, of course, has been the software. I seem to want to do things that there isn’t quite the tech for yet… and then I discover that there is; I’m just using it for, let’s just say, not its intended use.

So enjoy Open Source Sex #19 (post @ with links to info and video/audio file)! Let me know what you think…

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