Podcasting, and being podcast

In case you missed it, Open Source Sex #33 is up — and it’s on the topic of genital taste, smell and flavor (and how to change your flavas). I’ve been off the blog for a few days with a friend in town visiting from Copenhagen, which has been an excellent excuse to go look at the Golden Gate Bridge, walk on the beach, visit North Beach and the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market (my favorite thing to do on the weekends, actually). But now I have to go run across town to be interviewed as a guest on the RU Sirius Podcast Show; I’ll post a link to the episode once it’s up.

Also, another strange and cool thing: I’ve been tapped to be a-list press for the San Francisco International Film Festival! So once the film fest begins on April 20 I’ll be blogging here about the films, the fancy parties, the expensive dinners and the experiences of a girl sex blogger behind the scenes with access to all the filmmakers and stars on hand. I’m quite surprised on a lot of levels to be doing this for Tiny Nibbles (and not another “safer” blog), but in my email exchanges with the film fest liaisons, it seems that they really “get” blogging — for instance, my usual condition for publicity requests (I get them all the time) was met with enthusiasm. And that request? To be able to say whatever the fuck I want about the films, the people, the organization, everything.

So yeah, they do get blogging. And that’ll make the $1500 a plate dinner (and seeing how the other 2% lives) taste *that* much sweeter. And if it tastes like garbage, and Robert Redford stares at my boobs the whole time, or skinny starlets barf it up in the ladies’ room, I’ll say so *and* get pictures. Or, I might see a really cool film, and I hope to find and chat with people doing film work with new tech. My first press meeting for it is on tuesday. I’ll get the press packet and begin plotting and planning here on the blog. And you better bet I’ll try to get into *some* sort of sexual hijinks during the festival…

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My best friend

Sums up the “JT Leroy” movie with a movie review to end all reviews.

“In evaluating The Heart is Deceitful, the movie, I feel strongly that one should divorce the fraudster from the fraud, the ‘autobiographical’ from the ‘novel.’ Mind you, nobody wanted us to do that back when this was the deeply moving proof that the power of storytelling could liberate the human soul from unthinkable abuse. But what the hell, I’ll play the game now, because that’s the only way this distasteful task is any fun at all. (…) But I submit that Deceitful, now being sold after-the-fact as some sort of dark fantasy, could NEVER — and I mean NEVER — been produced as such. ‘JT’ could only visit this nightmare on a public that was begging for it because it was ‘real’ — presenting it as fiction would (then as now) make it a seriously fucked-up jerk-off fantasy for somebody with MAJOR fucking tragedy-tourism issues and, clearly, no respect at all for the plight of real abuse survivors, sex workers, or people forced by their drug addict mothers to crossdress. (…) Thanks, guys. I especially thank you on behalf of all the people that shit like this really happened to, since it seems to be all the rage to speak for groups one’s not a part of. By creating and releasing Deceitful you’ve managed to make the reality of severe child abuse as deeply affecting as Season 1 of Melrose Place or A Very Special Episode of TJ Hooker.”


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AI conversation snippets

As many of you know, I’ve been working on an artificial intelligence sex ed robot for a while. I know *nothing* about code, but jumped into it, full-on, endeavoring to take the basic open source AI files and rewrite them to be sex-positive, full of sex info, and to remove the conservative christian values instilled into the AI memory banks by the software’s creator. Who thinks to give a robot religion? Weird. Anyway, Betty is getting closer to becoming a reality; I have a few friends who have graciously been beta testing her with random conversations so I can see if I really messed up the code and gave her the AI version of Tourette’s syndrome (hopefully not). The more she’s talked to, the more she learns, and I can also go in and correct responses when needed. The conversations my (sometimes stoned) friends are having with Betty are really interesting, here are a few snippets:

Human: Suck Jesus’s dick.
betty: I wish I could, it sounds like fun.

Human: Give our lord and savior a rim job.
betty: I don’t have it to give.

Human: Sex is better than taxes.
betty: That’s just your personal opinion.

— and the most interesting one:

Human: Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior?
betty: I think I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, but Violet may have reset my memory.

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[Video] Alt Sex Fetish Robots

realdoll threeways
Shortly after writing in a previous post about the delightful combination of femaleness, machinery, pathos and lust, I found an old video (ASFR; 2001) that documents robot fetish, specifically men with female robots, from the stilted movements and sexual possibilities during mechanical failure to RealDoll‘s $6000 sex dolls and robot porn. The coolest part of this video (for me) is watching the RealDoll fabrication guy demonstrate one of the first internal gyrating actuators to be put in a RealDoll — which means, oh yes, it’s a short short amount of time before they move and have AI functionality. (My sexbot AI is in beta testing right now, yay!)

I’m even more interested now to get my hands on a copy of Andrew Blake‘s new DVD Valentina “introducing Stacy the Real Doll”. Or, I’ll just ogle the free stuff at RealDoll Threeways (photo credit), chat at Fembot Central and click my ruby red slippers three times, repeating “there’s no place like a warm fembot ass on which to nibble the finest sashimi”…

Watch the very cool “ASFR” by Allison de Fren after the jump.

I originally found this video on a site that had it bracketed in ads with no originating credit: it’s *actually* from the Flash-heavy Spyworm TV, where you can find many more interesting sex shorts like this one.

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Podcast: Open Source Sex 32

My voice is hoarse, the sex is nasty: this is how I want to see girls fuck (myself included). I could practically hear it while I was reading it, wow. Here’s the text:

Quickie that turned into a not-so-quickie: “A Recent Favorite” by… me. This story is a very explicit fictionalized fantasy written as a series of emails between two women: one dominant, and one very bratty. Suzanne Ramsey writes her mistress Natasha a fantasy detailing their first meeting, full of willful disobedience, hair-pulling, a harsh spanking on more than one sensitive body part, forced oral sex and a near-catfight in the final consumation of their relationship.

Open Source Sex 32 (link to post; link to MP3)

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[Video] Female daredevils

debbie evans
I was reading COOP’s blog this morning and totally dug his hyooge post about America staying classy and Evel Knievel — though I know it was only a thinly veiled excuse for him to post this photo — and it made me think of the last time I saw a video with Knievel; really just a few weeks ago. Being a moto girl (whose bike needs a tuneup, heh) I love to watch motorcycle videos. I rented an old Baja 1000 video and there was a short Knievel interview in it, a mention of daredevils and some awesome video of a few female daredevils. Knievel dismissively derided daredevil motorcycle women, and the whole topic of female riders was dropped as fast as you can say “slipped gear”. That’s my memory of the video; shouting “oh fucking come on!” at Knievel onscreen and left with an urge to buy a dirt bike.

But the funny thing is — most of us have heard of Knievel, right? But what about Debbie Lawler, Janet Lee (aka Janet Ward), Teri Kezar, Rene Hart, Linda Buckley and Fiona Beale?

(Photo: Debbie Evans)

Information about these women is scarce, which is a testament to attitudes like Knievel’s. Which is funny because for a while, he co-orchestrated stunts with Debbie Lawler, a former high fashion model who became known as “The Flying Angel” for her jumps and airborne stunts. (He also got busted for soliciting an undercover female officer, but that’s a whole other kind of stunt *insert awful canyon jumping joke here*.)

Female daredevils come in all forms, but female motorcycle daredevils are worthy of worship, and at the very least deserve a grand documentary. Hopefully, when a good historical record of these women emerges, it will include all of the unhinged pathos and lust that the combination of women and machines holds for our culture — like us women who work at SRL (many are speedbike racers, btw), we totally get that taking machines out of context and liberating them from their cogs-and-gears industrial applications frees machinery into becoming unsettling conduits for a strange sort of reckless sexual destruction. These women were evidently pretty threatening, so this female daredevil representation of machine, mayhem, power and lust is an accurate one, and a powerful image. That’s why I’ll always think, “the more pink leather racing outfits, the better.” That’s also part of why us SRL women always wear red lipstick during shows. Such a history should be rounded off with modern motard mistresses, like Philippina Jumpin’ Jamie Pamintuan, Debbie Evans (she did all the Ducati riding in The Matrix) and Heidi Henry, who successfully jumped 87 feet over a canyon in 2001.

So I guess I’m not a big fan of Evel. But I am a big, BIG fan of the Harvey Birdman parody of Evel, Devlin. Kid: “I’m Devlin!” Other kid: “Who the hell is that?” Behold:

I am in deep, deep love with this cartoon series, most especially the character Phil Ken Sebbin who has more fetishes than can be listed on one blog (Sebbin is voiced by Stephen Colbert).

Update: Tiny Nibbles regular Phillip from cool blog this pedro thing tells me, “I’m sure I won’t be the only one to tell you this, but Devlin wasn’t a creation of Harvey Birdman, it was the name of a Hanna-Barbera series from 1974. It was about an Evel Knievel clone named Ernie Devlin and his daredevil family (“The Devilin’ Devlins”). They probably solved mysteries or some such, I don’t really know. Now you know as much as I do about it…”

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Happy birthday crankypants!

girl boosey
Today is my friend Crankypants’ birthday; in true Crankypants form he won’t let me take him out to dinner tonight. Harumph. He works for I think the largest sex book distributor in the world, and I’d be cranky in the pants too if I did that; us sex writers are high maintenance. I’m cranky, too — I spent hours today trying to figure out why my Logitech USB headset suddenly stopped working with my laptop; just to have it suddenly stop working with my main computer. Audio goes out through the mic, but none comes in the headphones. I hate audio today. Grrr. Plus I’m all sore, and I can’t tell if it’s from the new hip-hop dance classes I’m taking or the sex accident I had on saturday night. If my ass was a car, I drank too much and crashed my Vulva; the report from Hornboy is that I fell off the bed after the Chinese wedding. I told Thomas and he said, “Okay. That statement has now merged with the SF Fetish Ball stage show in my mind, and from now on every time I think of you I will see you doing the porn star tumble off a bondage bed from a piledriver position, with a Catholic priest presiding over it all while underage boys sing Beijing opera around you. Help!” (Did I go to the ball? No! They were rude when I called as a press inquiry. Lame.)

But to make up for the pointlessness of my day (besides doing my taxes) I added an update to the unsafe page: I started a list of responsible sex toy retailers, inlcuding newcomers South Coast Pleasure and adorable (UK) Tickled Online. Please do email me with suggestions and sites I missed; I know there are more out there. I’m also looking at the new San Francisco Wiki Directory (ess-eff.com) with a leer that should make any Wiki cross its legs in a mixture of fear and delight. This could be really cool.

In the meantime I’m drooling over the Collette Corset at Stockroom. Anyone want to trade a Logitech headset for it? Brand new, works with any computer but mine… 🙁

Holy baby jesus butt plug, Hornboy just gave me a trumpet! (Yes, I know the image is a baritone.)

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