HowTo: Sex toy PC casemod for dirty girls

I almost didn’t make it past the top photo with all the candles and the photo of Brad Pitt for inspiration, but I have to admit that this DIY PC casemod, where a vibrator is mounted on a B*rbie PC, is pretty damn cool. Granted, if it were my mods, I’d swap the picture out for Harvey Birdman, add a disco ball, include several yards of pink rope, a pair of roller skates and a Pilates ball, but that’s just me.

Of course, I’d have also done it to a Mac Mini which would be ideal for expoxying sex toys (I notice they tried to use hot glue and failed, which would never work with the oils in jelly rubber). I’d imagine one could use silicone caulk or hardcore expoxy to glue a flared-base dildo (and butt plug for a double dip) and a hard plastic remote-control clit buzzer on the front, while the weight of the Mini would keep it stabilized. And looking sexy. Not to mention that the cute B*rbie PC would never withstand the strain like my Mini would — girls, our thighs would crush that thing like a grape, no? And whither the headphones plug for iTunes? Hello, sexy podcast?

Okay, I’m a special case. But click on over to the Sex Toy PC Case Mod for Girls at Homemade Sex Toys for the excellent howto. And those pink handlebars *rock*!

Thanks, Xeni!

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[Video] Alter Ego + Carlos Batts

APT408.jpgI posted about smokin’ hot curvy babe April Flores (aka Fatty Delicious) on Fleshbot a few months ago, and since then we’ve become email pals. I’m looking forward to meeting her in person when she comes to San Francisco to become a human canvas for the Center for Sex and Culture‘s Kink Ink event (Saturday, April 8, 6-8 pm). I discovered in our correspondance that she’s the muse and lover of a an erotic photographer whose work I became enamoured with the moment I saw it — I really felt that when Wild Skin came out, Carlos Batts would unseat the tired old fetish photo establishment. And I really think he did. Up until that book was released, it seemed like all the old guys had worn their fetish out and were just showing us younger, skinnier, more cliche-d girls that seemed more a reflection of their age, and less a reflection of the urban kink that fueled their early exploits, and my peer set. Batts has a style that’s crazy with color and curves of all kinds. Imagine my delight when I found out that April was on the book’s cover after I’d blogged about her on Fleshbot. Not that I’m sick of twiggy blonde 18-year-olds or anything. No, a porn diet seems to require a steady diet of twigs. They just don’t mean anything to me. But a girl like April does.

April was in Belladonna’s Evil Pink 2, which is good but carries a lot of porn cliches (though her scene was hot) — but April and Carlos have been working for the past 5 years on a DVD that depicts April’s real-life fantasies. It’s called Alter Ego. She sent me a bunch of stills (see Alter Ego link) and links to the trailer:

Here’s the QuickTime link; here’s the .wmv link. After the jump, you can check out the YouTube mini-trailer, which isn’t as pretty as the QT video.

Make sure you buy the video from her directly, here.

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Watching the camshow

Is anyone else watching the boa: new whore culture multimedia group camshow right now? It’s so fucking cool. Click it now! Here’s an image from one minute ago:


Update: another 30-second screencap after the jump.

Update: The show is over. There are many screencaps from the show after the jump; I had a lot of fun grabbing them every 30 seconds; I hope boa doesn’t mind! Stars: Ana, Echo, and Melissa.










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Aexy and cool live camshow tonight from New York

My yummy pals Melissa Gira (podcast: Whorecast) and Audacia Ray (Waking Vixen) are doing a free, explicit live group camshow and chat tonight from New York at 7pm (EST) with uber-babes Ana and Echo as part of their sexy sex worker multimedia project “30 Second Sex” at the opening of Sex Worker Visions, and at boa: new whore culture. It’ll last more than 30 seconds: In a homage to old school camgirl shows, each performer will contribute an image refreshed from her webcam every thirty seconds, displayed together on a single webpage, with a corresponding IRC (chat room) for guests and participants.

Here is the direct link to the cam/chat access page. Remember, that’s 7pm EST, so it’s 4pm PST.

Image: participant Echo.

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[Video] Wayward Cloud (SFIFF)

In my last post about the lineup in next month’s San Francisco International Film festival, I reviewed a selection of films I’m excited about, which is good, because their schedule isn’t online yet (and in fact my table neighbor at the cafe asked to browse my SFIFF film calendar, as they’re not available yet). If you look closely and spend a bit of time with my links, you’ll see a few interesting things. One is that for the controversial film about Golden Gate Bridge suicides (The Bridge) I link to a January 2005 article about bridge officials being angry about the filmmaker’s unclear motives with bridge officials when asking to film the bridge (they say he lied and tried to block the film from being shown), and the next post links to a GG bridge jumpers post on a blog, where if you scroll down, you’ll see a comment from the filmmaker dating from 2004 stating he was making an documentary and asking people to email him. It’s all interesting.

But the sex films…. ahhh, the sex films. I found two trailers on YouTube for the porn musical that’s in the lineup — and one of them is pretty much one of the most arousing things I’ve ever seen, way hotter than actual porn (though I understand the movie is explicit). The other clip is a surreal Busby Berkeley tribute that, put with the other trailer, makes this an astounding film. Watch them both after the jump, and marvel that it’s the same movie.

Super yucky update on this film: Tiny Nibbles reader Steve tells me, “Your reaction may vary, but describing THE WAYWARD CLOUD as an ‘anti-porn musical’ might be more accurate than calling it a porn musical. It’s extremely explicit, but the final 2 sex scenes are so unerotic – and sex-negative far beyond a critique of porn misogyny, to my mind – that I felt like I’d spent 20 minutes banging my head against a wall. It’s about as disturbing and unsexy as IRREVERSIBLE, if you saw that. As an example, the penultimate scene consists of the lead character raping an unconscious or dead woman at length, filmed by a porn crew.”

That’s really fucked up; the description in the festival program doesn’t describe anything like that and the trailers don’t hint at it either. My reaction *doesn’t* vary. I’ll skip this film, for sure. Looks like the fest is going to be one hell of a mixed bag… Makes me want to get my hands on a copy of the festival’s film criteria.

That clip gave me a new fantasy. Maybe I’ll find someone to re-enact it with during the festival. But this next clip of a song from the film is just as awesome in a totally different way, complete with a sweet gender bent:

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Film fest: Sex, tech, suicide and bloggers

Cold rain, San Francisco morning, and a trip on the underground to Union Square — the notorious St. Francis Hotel, where the press conference for the San Francisco International Film Festival was being held; also the place where Fatty Arbuckle (allegedly) killed starlet Virginia Rappe in a violent sexual attack in 1921. This is where Hollywood stars used to come and make messes they thought no one would see; our perfectly noir city was visualized correctly by writers such as James Ellroy (who I’m currently obsessed with). Either way, the St. Francis was the perfect place for the press mess, as over 100 journalists crowded into a room to participate in a tradition that began in 1957: San Francisco had the first international film festival in the US. Hollywood makes messes, but we watch movies.

I was out of place with my Bettie Page haircut, my leather boots and tattoos and knee socks, but no more out of place than the other couple of bloggers placed in the front row — they sat us up front, a crew including (yay) my Geek Entertainment TV pals Eddie and Irina. I learned that next month I’ll be in the same rooms as all these journaists and also Ed Harris, Werner Herzog, Guy Maddin, Brad Dourif, Woody Harrelson (stoner!), Lily Tomlin, John Turturro, Tilda Swinton (I’ll ask her for some chronic), probably Al Franken and lots of other not as famous but probably much cooler people.

We sat through a long but very interesting speech from new festival director Graham Leggat, and when he spoke about incorporating as much new media as possible, including the festival’s “citizen media: bloggers”, there were a few quite noticable derisive snorts in the audience. Funny because it was so cliche: I looked to see who made the rude noises and spotted two of them, both grey-haired older men. Crusty. I turned to Eddie, “Omigawd, did you hear that!?” Eddie said, “Yeah, but don’t worry they’ll die off and be exctinct soon anyway.”

After the press conference (which was full of annoying PC diversity questions that weren’t film related), Eddie grabbed me and the GETV camera, and I engaged in another surprise round of “hey Violet, want to interview the famous guy?” We cornered Graham Leggat for five minutes of really intense grilling about why bloggers, whether Ed Harris will stay on my couch, his rundown of the most provocative films in the festival, Graham’s irrational/hysterical fear of Brad Dourif and much more — but the episode isn’t up yet, and I’ll link to it when it’s live, so for now read more after the jump about why this festival is really gonna rock, noir and tech and sex San Francisco style (and I get to be the main blog babe for the adult films on the schedule).

glamorous life
The room at the top of the St. Francis was a giant, beautiful old gold-encrusted space with a 360-degree view of San Francisco from its top floor; a view you don’t get to see very often. Of course, this gave Leggat opportunity to link the view with the “vision” of SF360, something I’ve been quietly excited about for a while. This is a great example of the cool stuff going on with the festival; SF360 is a “one city, one film” project where the organization sends 800 DVDs to groups, organizations and members, and everyone watches the film at the same time, communicating about it online — my vote for the upcoming citywide screening, of course, is a liveblogging drinking game.

SF360 is just a niblet of the cool tech stuff they’re playing with for the ‘fest: there will also be a selected film made entirely from mobile footage (cellphone), a mashup page on the film fest site where visitors can remix trailers and footage from films (and add soundtracks from selected Creative Commons songs), a live video mixing event by Addictive TV, and more. I’m especially excited to see gamers represented (in the hizz-ouse) by way of the film Cock Byte: Masters of Machinima by Burnie Burns (he gave the keynote at SXSW), a best-of assembly from the Red vs. Blue genre of CGI likened to South Park in its humor and pacing, but funny.

The most controversial film I’m looking forward to? Definitely the bizarre, provocative documentary The Bridge by Eric Steel, which explores the Golden Gate Bridge as the most popular suicide destination on Earth — and while filming he managed to capture on film most of the two dozen deaths that occurred from our bridge in 2005. Disturbing, complicated and yet it’s supposed to have an air of truth and humanity about it. Looks interesting. Other hot docs include Jonestown: The Life and Death of People’s Temple (with new footage), American Blackout about the Bush “election”, Shooting Under Fire and Who Killed the Electric Car.

But wait — sex films! Yay! I’ve been specifically asked to cover these screenings and I’m *thrilled*. A series of midnight screenings are scheduled, including Executive Koala by Minoru Kawasaki which could best be called Office Space for plushies; my must-see will be the crazy softcore Japanese “pink” film The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai by Mitsuru Meihe, whose original title is Horny Home Tutor: Teacher’s Love Juice and combines apocalyptic erotic frenzy with cloned copies of George W. Bush’s finger. Repo Man in a love hotel, for sure. I’ll also be looking forward to the French/Taiwanese porn musical The Wayward Cloud (trailer) by Tsai Ming-Liang, involving an overabundance of watermelons, a low-budget porn actor, lots of raw sex scenes and, uh, singing and dancing.

Another midnight screener I’ll be first in line for will be what looks to be an out-of-control horror film on par with the way 28 Days Later shook me up (at least according to Graham, who seemed genuinely freaked out by the film). The Descent by Neil Marshall (who is British) features six kick-ass, strong female characters who according to writer Rod Armstrong, “…are tested to the limits of their physical expertise and come face to face with their worst nightmares. Claustrophobic, visceral and intelligent, Marshall’s economical storytelling builds to a bloody, unbearably suspenseful climx.” Hell, yeah.

There’s a lot more. Next event, I’ll be sure to bring my camera so I can take pictures of the old-media blog haters, who can *so* kiss my bloggy ass, and in the meantime I’m doing eveything I can to get Ed Harris and Brad Dourif on my couch. And if I can get them on camera, I’m totally going to ask them to squeeze my blog.

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Girls, Guns and Ropes

girls, guns, ropes
When I went out to lunch with Thomas last week, he made me stop at his car to let me ogle, touch and generally drool over a new photo book called Girls, Guns and Ropes by Josef Botello. It’s a deadly-hot collection of his black and white photographs with sexy Texas girls wrapped up like tasty curvy Shibari packages and doing all kinds of things with weapons — one set eschewed the firearms and went straight to the chainsaw action. I tickled the web for a minute to find his myspace page and an online gallery (sadly it’s angelfire, so more than five visitors might crash it). This one goes on my wishlist, for sure.

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