Trip cut short (invisible girl)

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This weekend at the expo, my long distance boy flew in to see me and spend time with me on the peripheral of the conference. At the same time, my sweet girl Minx was in the LA area, and today she swooped me from the PME to go out to dinner. When we came back to my hotel around 6pm, we walked in on the boy having sex with another woman.

We stood there for a minute. I said, oh, they’re having sex. Minx said, lets get out of here. I remember standing at the Ayres Ontario elevators feeling my chest plummeting and that sensation of prickly skin, where the air around you feels like it’s turned to a toxic chemical liquid. I worried that he would be running after me down the hall, maybe saying wait, are you okay? Instead we stepped into the elevators and it just hurt, hurt, hurt on the way down. She sat me down outside while I calmed down. She said, we have to get you out of here. I said, I want to go home.

We went back in and they were still at it. I shut their bedroom door and packed. From within I emmanated terrifying vibrations, so that my hands shook as I threw my stuff into bags. They came out of the bedroom dressed and said they were going to a party, and left. Didn’t they notice me packing? Unfuckingbelievable, Minx said.

Because she was there, I don’t feel so crazy; this has never happened to me before. She walked me to my car. I actually planned on saying goodbye to her, then driving to a gas station and crying before I hit the road. Instead we stood in the parking lot and she held my face in her hands and said, this has nothing to do with your worth as a person.

I drove as fast as I could. San Francisco is cold and wonderful and home. I still haven’t cried yet. My heart hurts. But I’m not broken.

When I purse my lips, they are still only half-kissed.

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PME updates from the press room

I brought my own press pass to the event, which I highly recommend to anyone wanting free wifi and uncomfortable, upskirt-cameraphone-shot-producing beanbag chairs. I’m listening to Robert Scoble talk about the ‘blogger suite’ at the Bellagio (for CES, I guess) while uploading… Must be nice! New photos start here, two new videos; this one shows how tired I am, this one is a funny domination story. This is the cocksock who called me a bitch last night and told me “I don’t like you” when I snapped his pic (click the pic for the full story). Otherwise I’m having a great time and am being recognized by listeners and fellow podcasters like crazy — it’s so cool meeting everyone, including the Libsyn guys and hanging out with the hotties. Mike from Blip asked me, Melissa and Casey to go speak with him onstage about videoblogging in five minutes, so I gotta go… but I think I’ll skip the awards ceremony later where Dawn and Drew will get an award for ‘best mature podcast’ and Sex is Fun gets one for ‘health and fitness’. I was surprised to discover that Sex is Fun had never heard of 2257… more thoughts on that later.

Update: okay, I’m sitting in the speaking area — Blip pulled me onstage out of the audience during the videoblogging presentation! People clapped and said yay and “awwww!” OMG!!! Then they asked me why people should videoblog and podcast; I answered basically because the media distribution channels are now open to anyone, *we should*. People clapped and said yay! Then later I talked a lot about GETV and what makes us successful in what we do. Now people want to take pictures with me but I’m ignoring them so I can blog… it’s sort of a reflex to all this attention I guess… That photo — the guy who wrote the book “Tricks for the Podcasting Masters” bookended and framed his whole sex chapter on me and asked me to sign it, wow! More here and here.

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Podcast Media Expo (PMS)

This is a dark video I shot in the pool tonight after midinght; we snuck in and I asked my lawyer (here’s her Flickr) to tell me about her craziest tricks as a sex worker. I really like how this video came out. We’re at a shitty hotel for the podcast media expo and we’re wondering whytf GETV can’t/isn’t vlogging at this lame con; follow my photos here:

Photo album RSS here:

My lawyer and I arrived by grace of Google (maps). Right now it’s 4:15am and we’re in‘s room at the Marriott for the wifi, uploading…

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This week’s Chron column: Beer with SFSI

This week’s column for the Chronicle over at SFGate is now live — and incredibly, they included one of my links. Who’s the lucky link-ee? San Francisco Sex Information! But wait — they linked to my site in my bio!!!!! Hey, it’s a good start, and I’m sure they’ll get all kinds of great, typo-riddled hatemail for it.

Being linked from the Gate is great for SFSI — and if you’re interested in taking classes at SFSI (and seeing me lecture about sexuality in person, along with many other great educators) now’s the time to sign up and apply for their Fall 2006 Sex Educator Training!

Read Open Source Sex: Beer with SFSI

Links I originally submitted with this column, but removed, are:

* Gold’s Gym in the Castro
* Piedmont Boutique
* Good Vibrations
* Planned Parenthood

And wonderfully, as of yesterday afternoon my column now has a syndicated LiveJournal feed for it — thanks to Pirate. How sweet!!! It’s at:

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[Audio + textcast] Open Source Sex 46

ugcunncover2.jpgHope you enjoy my 2am podcast, woo-hoo! My life is so chaotic this week, this has been the only time I’ve had to do this. In 8 hours I leave with my lawyer for the PME this weekend…

Snip from Open Source Sex 46: Female Anatomy for Pleasure:

Female anatomy for pleasure! This episoide is my lecture on female genital anatomy — not for reproduction, as in every other treatment of the topic, but instead *purely* for sexual pleasure. Learn more (and plenty of oral techniques) in my book Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus, and enjoy this textcast by reading the transcript below, or on your iPod by clicking the center trackwheel three times.

Read the text and see the post here; download the MP3 directly here.

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Boing Boing podcast

Note: this is not authorized use of the Boing Boing logo!

I’m thrilled to be in the latest Boing Boing podcast! It’s their second episode ever of Boing Boing Boing, a sort-of “best of” Boing Boing where the team chats about their favorite recent posts and then gangs up on a guest — someone they really like. And I’m beside myself with excitement they had me on the show!

It was one of my favorite podcasts I’ve ever been on, namely because they are all smart and funny and kinda see things sideways; but I loved being able to chat about signifigant BB posts with the people who posted them. This episode featured guns a lot, which I enjoyed highly, and intersex issues (covered in this NYT article; but please read this article I assigned to Thomas Roche years ago in the GV Magazine and ISNA for accurate information on the topic). But we also talked a lot about sexuality on the web — namely the kind of information disseminaiton I’ve been doing through various online media tools, and what we all think it means. Very cool stuff. I especially liked talking with them about their sexuality-related recent posts.

Thank you and big, big smooch to Boing Boing for including me in their excellent new series. Here’s their post on the podcast; here’s a direct link to the MP3; here’s their podcast RSS; here they are in iTunes.

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New stuff for the buycurious

I can’t sit still, ever, so I added a few cool new things to the Tiny Nibbles store! Check out the BLF-inspired NSFW zip front hoodies, all in pink or black — bold NSFW women’s; pocket (nsfw) women’s; pocket (nsfw) men’s. I also made little logo buttons (so cute), and added three left-handed coffee mugs — logo + URL; sexy geek; plain logo. I’m a righty but I wanted a lefty mug because then when I gak out on coffee and death-grip my cup, people can see what’s on my mug.

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