Bondage for the rest of us

New podcast — but only you can decide if energy drinks and podcasting and super-hot talk about getitng tied up and fucked are a lethal combination… or not. Text:

Tie me up? How about bondage and kink for the rest of us…! You don’t need to know complicated knots or BDSM lingo to have a hot time tying up your sweetie and having fun with them, so here I talk about what nasty and sweet things you can do do with someone who’s all tied up — ice cubes to oral sex and beyond. And I have *a lot* of fun ideas. Then, to get you in the mood I read a really delicious light bondage and first time anal sex story from Alison Tyler’s Best Bondage Erotica. Podcast image from Nina Hartley’s Guide to Erotic Bondage.

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Mentioned in this podcast, for further study:

Graydancer’s Rope Weekly * Happy birthday to sexy Minx at Polyamory Weekly! * Click here to launch iTunes: Open Source Sex

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My friends are the only family I need

Thomas wrote about me, and I didn’t even know. I found some healing to have my deceitful post read and understood. If you care to, read: I am a very bad man.

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If I was a smoker, I’d have a cigarette right now. Macworld was exciting: I saw the new 1″ PowerMacPro laptops, the uber-fast iMacs (both with built-in iSight). But aside from all the glitz, bling, booths that wouldn’t let me take photos, pseudo-booth–babes, cars that let you watch your iPod video in the headrest monitors and my dream office setup — it was the release of iLife ’06 that really turned me on. (Photos begin here; watch the QuickTime keynote and see Steve Jobs create a podcast with images on the fly.)

The new iLife has a blogging application and something called iWeb; supposedly an easier, prettier and more customizable blogging program than what’s freely available; my Apple friends told me the point is to make it super-easy for anyone to blog. But what got me all worked up was the new Garageband, that has a full-on podcasting recording “studio” and is completely integrated with all the other iLife apps; you can just drag photos from iPhoto into your podcast. I know, because I had the pleasure of talking dirty at asking a nice Apple employee for a demo. (Screenshot 1; screenshot 2; screenshot 3.) I think by the second question about Kbps, file size and .m4v exports he realized he had a power-user with a little girly hard-on on his hands, and he kept saying things like, “I should know this — we just learned the app about an hour ago — these are really good questions…” In the end I thanked him, and now I really want a copy of iLife ’06 because my mind is reeling from the sex ed possibilities, like creating sexual anatomy for pleasure lectures with images, (and maybe after taxes, I want to get an iPod video so I can watch my video podcasts). It was a total Macgasm.

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Going to my happy place

…Macworld! Besides the frustrations of iTunes’ automations, my friends at Apple sent me an exhibit hall pass. (And I see I’m now listed as an “auhtor” in iTunes, yay!) So I’m off to see what’s new, say hi, and take photos — and get a bag full of free convention crap, because you know how much I love those giveaway moist towelette monitor cleaners. (I do!)

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Just in: Heart still most deceitful thing

At SFist today, where I’m a columnist, there has been a lot of activity about the whole JT LeRoy unmasking thing. (Read all the comments.) I found out today when I read the Gawker post over my morning coffee, but then several people forwarded me Susie Bright’s extremely revealing post about beiung duped and used, and even it seems treated almost abusively, by the privileged people behind the pseudonym — people who even played “the AIDS card“. I’m not totally shocked, as being someone who survived a childhood similar to that of a LeRoy character, the whole presence of LeRoy in San Francisco seemed fishy and weird; too many cliches, and things like LeRoy’s column in local 7×7 magazine was always about something like shopping in expensive, exclusive botiques with a tiny crumb of “street cred” thrown in at the end. I’m a writer, so I know the tricks. Then again, I don’t trust anyone I don’t know. But still, it didn’t change the way the “Heart” book was way too close to home for me to even get past chapter 3, and it doesn’t change how burned Susie must feel after putting her reputation at stake for someone who could only live up to the characters in her (his) books.

It’s weird, and it really pisses me off. Not as a writer. *As a survivor.* I lived the very real horrors of my childhood to get where I am now — alive, articulate. I didn’t fuck anyone over to get my book deals, and I certainly didn’t exploit very real experiences (like of myself and my friends) to get my books published. I certainly never had the elite privilege of celebrity benefactors. I had a mother who was a drug addict, a compulsive liar, who gave and received regular beatings. She was raped in a room next to me when I was ten; I saw her have a knife held to her throat, I saw her get beaten by boyfriends I had to call “daddy” more times than I can count. She beat me with a belt; she inhaled cocaine like a vaccum and dealt it like a pro; she dumped me off every chance she got with strangers for weekends and sometimes weeks at a time. She left me in places so dangerous that by the age of 13 I was comfortable pointing her baretta at anyone who came in my bedroom door — and it happened. Then crack, which she taught me to cook for her, and a drug bust where she snitched on all her friends, and they wanted to kill us so we moved around the Bay Area *a lot*. I hit the streets of San Francisco at 14. I begged, I stole, I ate out of gabage cans, I slept in abandoned cars and on rooftops, in parks, at people’s houses. I never whored, though my friends did, and I did sell drugs a few times. I was a “gutter punk”; I stayed away from the dope and speed but got in a lot of fistfights. A gay couple ran a cafe; they took in a lot of us young runaway punk kids and let us sleep there sometimes and we could eat and hang out if we worked — my first job skills, and a place to use as an address to get ID. Gay men saved me: men who are now dead. Pretty much everyone I knew from that time is dead or disappeared; heroin, aids, even the first Gulf War. My friends are really fucking dead, and those things really happened to me, and more, and worse than I’ll tell you. It took me a long time to learn how to be normal, but some things remain, and I was on the streets for almost four years. Reading LeRoy’s book brought so much back for me that I didn’t see why I should re-live it. I’m okay now; it took me years before I could even tell anyone about my life prior to the age of 20. But I do remember one thing very clearly right now. On the streets we had a word for people like so-called LeRoy. It was “poser.”

It’s just not fair what people get away with sometimes.

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New erotica by N.T. Morley

master.jpgI’ve been working with widely published dominance and submission author N.T. Morley for many years now, notably publishing his work in my Sweet Life: Erotic for Couples series and reading a few stories on Open Source Sex. We’re good friends (he gave me a DVD of Secretary of my birthday a few years back), and his MEMORANDUM was the inspiration for my new Fleshbot work uniform — and he’s now given me permission to publish five of his delicious stories on my site. Thank you, N.T.! Text and links:

Sit and Spin is a humorous and extremely explicit story about a very unusual spinning class, complete with modified stationary bicycles, a well-hung instructor and an intense deep throat finale.

The New Fiancee part 1 and part 2 tells the story of a female submissive who has to meet her male master’s ex-wife and pass a test: one including a first-time lesbian encounter and lots of juicy cunnilingus.

In MEMORANDUM, a hilarious and very inspiring corporate memo explicitly details how a young woman’s behavior and dress in the office has been repetedly unacceptable — and what her penalties are.

Taking Dictation is one of the hottest office sex encounters I’ve read in a long time, and serves as great inspiration for “Secretary” role play. Delicious.

More hot office sex: in Bare Ambition a sexually dominant woman shows exactly what it takes to get the job done in corporate warfare in a great rendition of a turnabout-is-fair-play job interview.

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Rosie, we love you!

Coop sent me this *totally amazing* image of a color slide from the Library of Congress Online Exhibition “Bound for Glory: America in Color 1939-1943“.

Alfred T. Palmer
Woman is working on a “Vengeance” dive bomber Tennessee, February 1943
Reproduction from color slide

Coop: “Check out that red nail polish!”

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