That incredible GETV segment


In case you missed it, Eddie posted the segment I told you about a couple posts back, where I interviewed the man making prototypes of an exoskeleton to aid motion and mobility for people with spinal cord injuries. Read the Boing Boing RoboGames wrapup post here; visit the GETV post here.

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Me update

Doing okay, but in a daze. I keep finding myself just staring at stuff. I’m now at the point where I need to do things, like things with my hands, but can’t concentrate yet to write, nor do I feel like I’d be safe to work at SRL. It’s okay; I have my machine assignment and everyone knows I’ll be in the shop with a vengeance next week.

Seeing friends last night was necessary; shots were bought, a few tears were spilled, asses were grabbed. All good.

And this blog needs more sex. Don’t you think?

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Stop the robomadness!


Friend Scott Beale took terrific action photos yesterday, as always — including this favorite (above) and this moment of Eddie and I showing our vloggy feelings for old media. I’ll do the rest of my video updates to this post at Metblogs and visit my album for final photo updates later tonight. Lots of you wrote me about the soccerbot video — and if you liked that you’ll *love* this awesome video shot by Bre Pettis over at Make (great music, too).

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Incredible GETV interview forthcoming


We interviewed for GETV today; an incredible segment where I talked to Monty Reed who was paralyzed in a parachute accident and created an exoskeleton to walk and lift things with. He wants to develop them for paras, quads and SCI people, simply incredible stuff. I shot a video super-quick with the GETV microphone in my other hand — I’d asked him to demo the exoskeleton mid-GETV interview for me, and he’s being filmed by more than our cameras at this point… short video after the jump.

Image: I was at the Lexan when this happened! It was hot to the touch after impact. Image by Eddie — check out his great Flickr RoboGames tag.

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Now you can see through my skin.

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Robogames and robome

I just did a hyooge RoboGames coverage post at Metblogs — with more videos, more photos and links to photo streams. (Look at me and Simone, yay!) Last night around midnight I snuck in the Boom Boom Room with a bunch of Marching Band friends and danced, danced, danced on chairs, around the mosh pit… Back to bots for me in a bit!

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