A nasty Batgirl for Tuesday afternoon

A Liz Vicious: Batgirl gallery. Tuesdays should always be yummy, don’t you think?

Her cookie-cutter porn site has some explicit previews on it, wow (and I’m sure the ‘blog’ post I’ve linked to is splog promo for the paysite — but enjoy the free eye candy, for sure).

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I had too much coffee with Mark Morford this morning

Coffee makes Mark Morford even frothier than in his column, if you can believe that. Here he is in my sunglasses in an Upper Haight cafe this morning; I shot this cute video of us walking around at Haight and Ashbury after double lattes, and we are in fact chattering like Ritalin-deprived children at a candy counter. Now that we both write for the traditionally conservative Chronicle/SFGate, Mark and I can play ‘christian conservative hate mail poker’.

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Suicide Bots: Hot bot on bot action!

sb1.gifIt’s cupcake pink, it’s all about robots and it’s run by a badazz robot grrrl! Suicide Bots tried to launch softly last night (::poof!::) somewhere between midnight and Arthur Ganson‘s secret fetish for girls who sit in buttercream pastries… and I’m making the launch a little *firmer* by announcing it here. I mean, come on — it’s a blog about robots, and how many of those are there? A robot blog! A robot blog that would wear fuzzy slippers and pink frilly housecoats while executing a precise countersink with industrial machine tools! Plus, it’s run by a fierce, sexy and scary-smart girl I work on robots with, *and* it’s all about robots with an accent on the women who work on them. And it’s funny! Look what it said about this wednesday’s Dorkbot SF! Your nose will become a beverage launcher.

Do not miss a second of Suicide Bots. Or you will *not* be robo-spanked.

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Three new podcasts

donald trump vs. robert scoble celebrity death matchWhy? because clearly I am insane with fever and sickness of the sex kind, at least. I actually have a chest cold, so I’ve been all cooped up in my flat on cold medicine all weekend writing my column and being a podcast dork — don’t ask me why when I have a sore throat I decide I *have* to do three podcasts in a row. Maybe because I love doing it, and have had such a hard time concentrating on writing — which is like starving me of water, or air. Plus all the weird fever dreams. Gah! Be warned if you listen to these: I totally lost my mind near the end of #49 in a fit of uncontrollable late night giggles… Yay for NyQuil and Libsyn!

open source sex 47: Anything I Want — Erotica by one of my best friends, Thomas Roche. I just had lunch with him last week and a book we worked on together just came out: I wrote Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples and asked Thomas to write erotica to go with all the fetishes and hot fetish sex techniques I explain in the book, and he came up with 6 or 7 really deliciously naughty explicit pieces, yay! So listen and enjoy a short story of his I just found laying around… “Anything I Want”, about what happens when a woman makes her ass ‘off limits’ and then in a moment of wanton weakness tells her new boyfriend he can have anything *he* wants… (post * MP3)

open source sex 48: Seduction and flirting, part one. This is a giggly, fun and informative set of podcasts all about flirting and seducing someone you’re interested in, whether they’re a stranger or a long-term lover. Everyone loves being seduced, and you don’t need to resort to cheap tricks or hypnotism to make a hot, fast connection. In this part one, I explain confidence (and how to fake it), body language (with tips celebrities use to get noticed), how to make an entrance, and how to use eye contact — even if you’re really shy. This podcast is also a textcast: click the center of your iPod’s trackwheel three times to read the text as you listen to me talk. I veer off the text quite a few times and crack myself up more than once, so consider yourself warned… (post * MP3)

open source sex 49: Seduction and flirting, part two. In this part two, I explain the powerful tool known as smiling, how to start a conversation, what to talk about, how to tell if they’re interested in you (or not) and how to stop it when you decide you don’t like them. And — I totally lose it cracking up laughing near the end, a sign of danger for whoever I flirt with and seduce next… This podcast is also a textcast. (post * MP3)

Image: I shot this bit of sad, unintentional hilarity at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo — how cheesy can you get? Not much more than this photo. It’s totally like ‘Leisure Suit Larry does podcasting’. Or “Ultimate Guides”, yikes — that’s just too close to home. Podcasting is now *so* South Florida, thanks to marketing like this. That’s okay, I still have “7 Proven Strategies to Monetize Your Podcast in 30 Days or Less” in my panties. And — I’ll bring it. Yeah, right after I write “The Ultimate Guide to Pinching a Loaf”…

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Feeling blah, looking at kewl stuff

waterfetish.jpgI seem to have a fever and chest cold; last night I muddled my way through beginning my next book but had to retire to bed all fuzzy-headed. That was after having a lovely lunch with my best friend Thomas, spilling all my boy troubles on him, and him telling me that the next time I pass out from alcohol/robot mania he’s going to tattoo “5150 ME” on my forehead. He’s got a point. But then I told him that when they “lock pyscho’s like [us] up and throw away the key” I was totally going to trade him for a carton of cigs once we were in the clink, and he’d better not try that ‘oops I dropped the soap’ bullshit on me again. Because it really scared the hippies in Herbivore, and we’re not even locked up yet.

So as I sit here all feverish on a beautiful clear-sky San Francisco day, I’m fondling squeezable links, like:

* This IFC article featuring a complete rundown of mainstream movies with real, non-simulated sex in them. Not many of these are hot fuck flicks; I do love how the writer (Michelle Orange) slapped Chloe Sevingy for blowing Republican dirtbag Vincent Gallo in Brown Bunny. From what I understand, Last Tango in Paris and Angel Heart should also be on this list. Also, not mentioned in the article but interesting to note is that Rocco Siffredi is in one of these films (in a sex scene) — Catherine Breillat‘s Romance. (via)

* A black leather washing machine called the Orgasmatron 3000. Should match the birdhouse nicely. (via)

* Am distracted by the Flickr sets of photographer John B. Baloumba. Favorites include water fetish (photo via), 777 views and shiny fetish.

* A hand-picked snippet of the Foley IM transcripts. The same blog wants us all to know the truth about VAGINA.

* This week I made bloggy love to Blip.tv while mentioning that there’s no porn allowed there; over at Fleshbot we featured the newest solution to this over at YouPorn Beta, which joins user-submitted adult video sites Xtube and PornoTube.

* Daily Innuendo has a nice, er, set of celebrity nip slips, four galleries in total, making for a lot of famous boobs.

* Oh — and boobies on Boing Boing! Okay, now that’s out of the way, Boing Boing had lots of great sex posts this week. First, cure your hiccups with a finger up the ass (so ripe for anal sex enthusiast hiccup fetishists — well played, Boing Boing). Then, masturbation, porn and DRM(!) — and Ramadan — make for strange bedfellows. I was all worked up until the Ramadan part. Don’t miss the Kinsey Institute’s call for erotic art entires; now that’s a show I’d love to see. Don’t forget Texas sex toy ruling by Supreme Court: guns yes! vibrators no! and their sweet post about my HOWTO protect yourself from “The Craigslist Experiment”.

* Not expressly about sex, but it’s the first thing I’d do with her: Sanrio’s newest fembot: Actroid DER2 can be rented for $3500 for 5 days. Adam Curry still sorta owes me on a couple RealDolls; he could save a few bucks and make me happy with two of these for a week!

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Of x-rays and bondage

Wim Delvoye’s collection of BDSM-themed sexy x-ray stained glass, leather-and-spikes Folsom Street Fair inspired birdhouses, x-ray kisses and more, is truly stunning. Of course, my fetishes were fluffed by this gorgeous gothic Caterpillar bucketloader. The gallery begins here; first blogged by my friends at sexblo.gs.

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And if she’d only read my previous post…

… the woman who sent me this particularly venomous email via my Chronicle address would have known *not* to send it from her Washington Mutual work email address. But aside from how bad she needs to read this tutorial about email privacy, I think it’s insanely amusing to get this inbox missive (an hour ago) in response to my slightly fluffy, lighthearted column about San PantyCisco:

“They need to lock pyscho’s like you up and throw away the key. Why don’t you do the world a favor and go crawl back into your hole and stay there.”

‘No hidden fees’ my ass. I love how their site states, ‘Is it our people, our locations, or our work in our communities that makes us unique? Maybe it’s all three.’

Not like other banks, indeed.

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