Exclusive: Alan Moore’s erotic Lost Girls

lost girlsSometimes I wake up and my inbox is full of surprises — but this has to be one of the top five for sure. I’ve long, long been a fan of comic writer Alan Moore, who many of you will recognize from writing/creating Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta, and the first two sets of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (among others; though my cult faves of his are The Killing Joke and Brought to Light). So it’s with great, excited sleepless joy that I get to show you exclusive samples from his upcoming work Lost Girls (with Melinda Gebbie), featuring explicit sex — portrayed in a compelling, highly pleasurable way. Like the setting of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Lost Girls has Moore revisiting characters from Victorian fiction, where the main female characters from Neverland, Wonderland and Oz meet as adults in a strange hotel in 1913 to set out on a sexual adventure together.

Why did they ask *me*? Because they thought I would present the work in an honest and respectful way, which seems difficult to come by these days when it comes to sex (especially for the sake of pleasure). In an interview about the book, sent to me in the email, Alan Moore said:

“It presents this material in a way which is every bit as sensual and beautiful and at times, startling, as the actual sexual act itself can be. I think that was probably why we did it. The sexual imagination, which is the biggest part of sexuality, is not well served in our culture, and I really don’t understand why that should be. The only way that we can talk about or refer to sex — we have two choices: we can either do it in grubby works of pornography that will be read by people who are desperately ashamed of what they are reading, or we can discuss sex in the clinical manner of sex manuals or The Joy of Sex. Neither of these things have got anything that I, or probably most other normal people actually associate with our sexuality. I doubt that many of us are clinical about our sexuality, or wish to be sleazy about our sexuality either, but these seem to be the only two options where this material can even be discussed — where the sexual imagination can even be talked about. That startling omission in culture was probably the biggest impetus behind Lost Girls — we felt that there ought to be something like that.”

Read the first half of the interview with Alan Moore on Lost Girls here.

Not that I’m *not* a fan of sleaze or grubby porn, but he’s hit on it. Our culture gives us either/or messages all the time about sex. And we’re all *so over* it. As if to prove it, if you want to get your hands on a copy of Lost Girls, you’re going to have to pre-order it, either via the publisher Top Shelf‘s site, Amazon or a comic shop. Borders is not touching it, and I was also told no comic shop will be ordering many, if any shelf copies, save Comic Relief in Berkley and the like…

Enjoy the art I was so graciously allowed to post, after the jump. Thanks, Matt!

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[Video] Metropolis: Maria

It’s four minutes of pure beauty — I just stumbled across this mesmerizing scene from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis on YouTube. It’s the sexiest scene in the whole movie, where the mad scientist tramsmutes the human female into a humanistic android in a visually cacauphonous art deco scene. I find it totally soothing and sexually compelling. Watch and relax. Can anyone identify the music?

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The literal virtual clusterfuck

rebel hopeMy friend Scott is a huge Second Life fan. At his New Year’s party we spent a tipsy few minutes in the kitchen where he explained why I should be interested in it, and about its various controversies — which interested me more. I went home and signed up, downloaded it, and spent the next several hours trying to walk in a straight line. I knew I’d never get laid if I couldn’t stop plummeting down ravines or unintentionally “flying” into the side of buildings.

If you’re reading this wondering what the hell I’m talking about, Second Life is an online multiplayer “game” where people log on, create animated avatars and interact in various ways. Most of what goes on in SL is sex, and I was impressed that they were so open about the sexual elements (even providing porn to watch and featuring a billion places to hook up), and had a refreshing all-gender, all-orientations-are-welcome attitude on every level of the interface. Nothing was candy-coated “for women” or sexist, and they totally seemed to understand that the users wanted to enjoy and immerse themselves comepletely into fantasy genders, shapes and fetishistic expressions of whatever really turned them on.

The problem is that I don’t have the time to play things like this, I’m on a Mac Mini so it doesn’t look right, and I don’t really need to find anyone to hook up with. Plus, you can’t really kill anyone, so as a game it doesn’t attract me. (You *knew* I was that kind of girl.) But I was really surprised and happy to find out that someone I’ve known for a long time works at SL — he’s been on training staff over the years at San Francisco Sex Information when I’ve lectured there. That at least in part explains the nonjudgemental attitude about sex, who has it, and how that permeates the landscape at SL. Like me, SL is a San Francisco native.

Computer-based fucking has been around since computers landed in consumers’ hands, and the hot and dirty hookup has been happening online since humans have been online. That’s the first thing I wanted to do on the web — see some sex, get off. So its no wonder multiplayer things like Second Life are emerging and becoming popular; there are new ones springing up faster than I can burn through two double-A batteries with a Japanese vibrator. Just check out qDot’s MMOrgy to get a sense of what’s going on here. It’s huge.

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So (to name a few) there’s Second Life, Red Light Center (sound alert) and the nauseatingly overhyped (and unreleased) Naughty America (sound alert: also, will they go the way of Spend the Night?). But do any of them have what it takes to make users want to log on and fuck like bunnies? A zillion years ago (in web years) I wrote an article for AVNOnline about Flickr (popup warning) and how it could be used as an awesome social networking sex site — this was before Flickr had a lot of users and waaaay before they got bought by Yahoo and became conservative in their public photo filtering. The same thing happened of course to Tribe.net; they got taken over by a new regime that wanted to clean it up, increase clicks and pageviews and pander to conservative advertisers, thus ruining it for the majority of users who were there to find community, be sexual, and network and hang out. As adults. In the article, I posited that what we needed was “Tribe.net with gloryholes”. When Tribe tried to unsexify itself behind a bullshit 2257 legal screen, I certainly enjoyed ripping their (former) marketing director a new one when he tried to confront me at a holiday party last year.

So it was with a bit of dismay that I read Internet Life’s article The World of Digital Sex Games, which seems like little more than a Naughty America press release but is still interesting for a variety of reasons. Why is it like those oh-so-familiar regurgitated press releases that make up all of the content on sites like AVN? Because first off, the title is misleading; it’s only about one game. Too bad. It would be nice to have a real overview of all these games, and at least by someone who has tried them. And you pretty much miss the point if you don’t examine these games in context of their rivals. But what’s interesting (aside from the amazing fact that a game that isn’t even out yet got a 6-page writeup), is the way the game is explained and marketed — and here’s where my dismay comes in.

It’s difficult to peel away the author’s layer of attitude about sex to see what she’s trying to say but I think it’s a good indicator of how these games are going to be treated in the press. Which, as we all know, is vastly different than the users’ experience, attitudes and feelings. Here, we get the usual pastiche of “omg, someone put sex in the Sims!” and a lot of “heh-heh, sex!” The drama of the sexuality is overplayed and titillating, and down-to-the-bone heterosexual. There’s a pervasive attitude of the hookups leading to more — even marriage is suggested at one point. But what kills me is that tired old dead horse that just keeps getitng whipped and whipped and whipped — the pages of explanation on how they’re marketing the game toward women, and why they would do such a thing.

Because we need special marketing, otherwise we can’t come. Or, if the marketing is a little too forceful at first, or if you don’t move your tagline a centimeter to the right when we get really quiet, it’s going to take us longer to come in your face.

You know what I mean. My point is that the biggest flaw in the article is also the flaw in the game, and thus the flaw in marketing anything sexual “for women.” They state outright that they’re aiming at a female market to bring in more men; they’re also claming it’s a “dating site”. So they want it to be less “dirty” and crass to market to a wider, more mainstream audience (women). That softens it up — which is what ruins it, the perception of softening porn up with contrived relationships and Hallmark romance because us women are all just a bunch of pussies when it comes to fucking. We scare easy, like fillies, and our pocketbooks gentle down real good when you wave a “life partner” in our faces. As if. Yes, everyone wants love on one level or another, but everyone also wants to jack off on a fairly regular basis, and the two are not mutually exclusive.

Not to mention how, in my opinion, this all misses the point of online mmorgy games: these games bring us the promise of being able to be anything and anyone we want to in a sexual way — and this seldom fits in the confines of narrow mainstream heterosexual definitions. It’s like for these people sex comes in a holy hetero trinity of missionary, oral and anal. A big triangle on the playground. Which is fine if all you want to do is run around in circles all day. Most people don’t.

Anyway, Second Life seems to get it. Even if I can’t enact my Praying Mantis fantasies. I still wish I could find a Tribe.net with gloryholes. We’ll see who yells at me about this post when I’m onstage at the Sex in Video Games Conference next month.

* Image of Post Six Grrrl Rebel Hope via the Second Life Herald.

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Back: BEA wrapup

Before moving onward, I know that quite a few writers read this blog so it only makes sense that I do a BEA wrapup. Fortunately for me, my “handler” Lucky Lana beat me to the bloggy punch by writing her own excellent summary of our experiences there. I also had a second to respond to an email asking me how DC was — and my off the cuff answer, and why I didn’t get my award (yet) is all after the jump.

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My email BEA summary:

> DC was white white white, except when it was black. what I mean was that not only was the biggest book expo in north america full of religious/children’s/self-help books, but I realized after my signing that they had all the black publishers/authors in one area 🙁 made me feel hella weird.

> I signed about 150 autographs; it was wild. people loved me! probably would have signed more if the signing area wasn’t in the middle of literally hundreds of christian publishing booths, I think it was quite a gauntlet. let’s just say there was no sex section in the entire place and most sex books were kept on the downlow in booths. me being there was a radical act all by itself, not to mention what I was signing. signing so much was good because I only knew 4 people there and didn’t make any friends (made lots of contacts, though).

> my room rocked; it was a suite parlor without a bed so they brought this little twin up and I dragged it over to a bay window so when I woke up I saw the capitol, wash monument, pentagon, all from bed. I didn’t get to sightsee, or dance. I did drink about 50 beers on saturday night and gave myself a drunken crash course in imovie. but overall it was a total success — both in signing and the fact that I was the *only* sex author on the hyooge signing line, everyone was conservative and I think even freaked out that I was a girl who dressed feminine (I was out of place as a woman without tan pleated dockers). I mean, before I signed at the end of the day I wandered around checking out all the publishers and distributors during the day, and I got some pretty hateful stares and engaged in a lot of sex-phobic dialogue with major publishers at their booths– mostly me listening and thinking things like, huh, too bad for you.

> I’m really glad I went. but I missed good coffee, my friends, my city — and I’m convinced that all food outside San Francisco is totally radioactive.

> my plane was late coming home (of course) and I got stuck in st. louis without wifi which is just like being sent back in time to 1996 without food or water or thorazine. I got a ride from a bored limo driver from SFO. that was really cool. I’ve only been in a limo once.

So… why didn’t I get my award? Because I missed the friday night awards ceremony, and then couldn’t find the IPPY booth, though not for lack of trying. They’ll send it to me in the mail and then I’ll take a picture of it and me with underwear on my head or something for you… One really cool thing though: I got an email on saturday from a fellow author who did attend the awards and she had this to say:

“I live in a Maryland suburb of DC, and I was so hoping to meet you this weekend, but alas, it turns out that I couldn’t make it down to BEA today (maddeningly). I did, however, attend the IPPY awards ceremony last night. I wasn’t sure if you’d be there or not, but I was sorry to miss you when I figured out you were indeed not in attendance. I wanted to tell you, though, that when BWE ’06 was announced, some people cheered. 🙂 (This was not common; as a matter of fact, most people weren’t paying attention during the announcement portion, so it was actually noticeable that BWE got a little reaction — the commentator mentioned that the book apparently “had some fans” there.) It was quite a joy for me to be there to see it announced; I was ecstatic last week when I found out it won — and congratulations!”

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Meme of the week

I’m offline all day in meetings and appointments and stuff, but in the meantime check out the wee meme hitting my inbox from a variety of unrelated sources: the upcoming film Psychopathia Sexualis. Tony Comstock blogged about it then got to talk to the film’s director Brett Wood. Viviane blogged it (meta link); but you can also see more on the Kino Films page (sound alert), learn more on the director’s blog, and I guess it’ll be playing here in SF at the Roxie but their site is too frustrating for me right now to find a direct link or info. Huh.

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[Video] Make vs. Wal Mart

Allow me to interrupt this sex blog with an incredible video: in response to Wal-Mart’s new campaign to trademark the smiley face (this is true), Make: Blog has fired a seriously awesome and highly symbolic missive over the bow of the behemoth, at least in video form. It looks like they used the same Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP, with the smily face avatar. Snip from text:

“Wal-Mart is embroiled in a legal dispute over the smiley face image which it wants to trademark in the US. For the first time, the smiley face speaks!”

Watch The Great Dictator – “read” by the Wal-Mart smiley face on YouTube, or see the embedded video after the jump. Here’s the text if you want to follow along at home.

Update: I’m getting a lot of email from people who are trying to find this video on the Make Blog to no avail — I didn’t see it there, either. Someone sent me this as a tip; it’s only on YouTube as far as I can tell. My guess is that it’s not on their blog because it’s not about making anything. Except controversy, that is.

* * * * * * *

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Dancing through Jesusland

BEA was huge. Gigantic. And there are oodles of christian publishers — so many, I couldn’t just pick one to harass. I was one of the (3?) sex authors in the roughly five football fields of book publishers represented at BEA. It’s astounding; sex publishing makes up a really signifigant part of the market but the rest of the book world is super sex-negative — and religious. It was quite a coup to be signing Fetish Sex *literally* in the middle of jesusland; there were over a hundred christian book publishers around the area where I signed. I thought no one would make it through all the god stuff to check out a dirty (sex-positive!) book.

I was wrong. I had long lines of people waiting to see me. Me! People took turns getting their picture taken with me; people exclaimed excitedly about my podcast. They were from Chicago, Utah, Alabama, Tennesee, Maryland, New York, all over. My French publisher came to see me and sign Fetish Sex for a French translation and it’s not even out for three more weeks. They knew who I was in the DC comics booth (and asked me to consider writing for them). I am completely, totally blown away. I spoke with publishers who were freaked out by sexual content and afraid to label their books “erotica”; and I can tell you by my experience today that they are wrong, wrong, wrong. People want their sex. They love sex. They want to be happy and enjoy sex. And no amount of religious pressure will stop them from enjoying it. They made the trek through booths hawking “The Bible Diet” to come see me — and I signed for the smiliest, most excited lines of people I’ve ever seen.


I saw Rachel and Jamye and got totally spoiled by Feral House who hugged me and gave me tons of books and hugged again by Disinfo. I got snagged by the Last Gasp crew and babied by SCB Distributors and totally taken care of by Lucky Lana and given beer instead of food. Fuck it, I’ll eat when I get home. After the jump, see my photos and watch a video I took when I got back to the suite tonight @ 2am.

* * * * * * *

In the catalog:

They weren’t very nice but I still like all their “hacks” books:

I asked some christians to move out of the way so I could get this photo. I wish I could’ve taken a pic of their faces when I thanked them afterward:

They didn’t have an auditing machine for me to steal, but I hear the Brainwash Dip was delicious:

Me signing:

Lots of people came to see me:

I went to parties but felt like dancing on a table when I got back to the room. I’m going to bed now; goodnight.

AM Update: here is a clearer QuickTime version of the dancing:


Post production done in iMovie; song by Bangers & Mash.

Update: here’s a ten second video I took yesterday from a balcony of just one of three rooms at BEA, to give you an idea of what I mean by “gigantic”:

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