I love Halloween — and I’ve got a bunch of pictures forthcoming. But first pull on a costume and treat yourself (or trick out to) Halloween porn:

* listen to Open Source Sex 18, with two hot pieces of Halloween erotica (and plenty of oral sex, yum)
* Porn Bread never fails to oooh and ahhh (or eeew and ugh) on every holiday: Halloween is no exception
* erotic vampire movie picks at Viviane’s Sex Carnival
* Dacia directs us to pumpkin dildo creations (and how to make them)

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Sex writing madness

Still alive… barely! I wrote over 7,000 words today (that’s about 25 pages, give or take) plus three Fleshbot posts; I feel kinda dizzy. But I can safely say that looking over the book’s content that if Focus on the Family got pissed off about my Ultimate Guide to Fellatio enough to try and ban it (back in 2003), they’re going to assemble the angry mob for this next sex guide, for sure. No, I can’t tell you what it’s about, and I really wish I could, but let’s just say I’ve gone happy-skipping into crazy sex territory (and I’m feeling it).

Friends call me and are mad: I got 14 calls today. I cannot answer my phone when I write like this, I can hardly even feed myself, it’s a bizarre feeling of madness and I don’t know where the writing comes from. I wish they understood. If I have any friends left, they are the only ones who understand deadlines and the intense need to write. I disappear when I write like this, I feel translucent. Ghostwriters must feel like this, but even more ghostly, more invisible; I could never be a ghostwriter, even though I can produce content like one. Reading this, you are more in contact with me than my close friends. It really is like dating me, in so many ways; I’m inconsistent but still yours. Reading me is intimacy. I’ll answer my phone saturday, after I lecture to human sexuality students at the UCSF annex in the afternoon about oral sex, and before the dancing, drinking and Halloween parties at night… I’ll be back to my normal bloggy self soon.

My costume this year is most fitting. You’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy Machine Animal Collages.

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Another quickie

I really did sleep for 12 hours, yikes. That is, after going out to see Cronenberg’s “History of Violence”, which has sex scenes in it that are hotter than any porn I’ve seen in a long time; when was the last time I saw 69, or people having sex with their clothes on — not to mention sex with such violent heat? Just an incredible film all around, and I’m now a sweaty-palmed Viggo Mortensen fan.

Here are photos from the fun part of my LA trip, especially check them out if you’re a Coop fan; more details coming soon. Now I have to get ready to go to a crazy event being put on by several of the men in Extra Action — an all male-stripper event called “For the Ladies”. It’s Hornboy’s stripping/lapdancing debut! Oh yes, I’m taking lots of one dollar bills and my camera… !

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Phew: 21 Hours In LA

21 hours in LA, a lot to share after I get some rest; 3 hours of sleep Wednesday; a little over 4 hours last night… I’m a zombie. Perfect for Halloween.

But the ultra-cool thing I waiting for me when I got back was that asked me to do a self-interview — seriously, check it out (boobie alert).

* Last night’s event in the Porn Valley Dispatch.
* Extremely cool and interesting update about iPod porn from my friend Ed over at Altporn.
* Rumor control, in reply to several emails: No, “Ben” isn’t Adam Curry. And the girl that emailed me in the last post wasn’t Joanna Angel. (But I can still taste email girl on my lips from last night…. sublime. She drives me crazy. If she lived in San Francisco I’d be *too busy* to blog right now, and even less rested.)

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Baby Got A Mighty Wind

One of those hot Apple boys — Mark — sent me this *incredibly* hilarious version of “Baby Got Back”.

“Even white boys got to shout”. Come on, sing along, you know the words…

Blind item guessing game: I’m on my way out of town to do a booksigning. There’s a girl there I’m going to hang out with, I told her I’m bringing her a present. Her reply, which I’ve now read five times in two minutes, was:

“ohhhh, wait. let me guess.

(1) your velvety-soft mouth?
(2) your deadly, perfect breasts?
(3) (…) mmm. whatever. the whole package is good.”


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New design at

Just in case you haven’t seen it, I just want to point out how much I love/admire/lust/dryhump the new design my friends have whipped up (!) over at So excellent.

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A Tour of Apple

I was sitting in the huge Apple lobby, past security, in a big overstuffed chair next to my host. We’d just gotten lattes from the little Apple cafe, after a big lunch in the huge Apple cafe across the green, tree-dotted campus, and a tour of Apple Computer. Across the room were two Emmys under glass. Above me yawned a great white crescent-shaped open space with exposed white beam catwalks, going at least three stories up.

“So, what made you contact me in the first place?”
“Well, when the podcasting app launched, a lot of us started listening to your podcast. And then I found your blog; I read that you were having troubles with iTunes. And I just wanted you to know that we were listening.”

That’s how I found myself on a particualrly warm and sunny October Friday afternoon, away from Fleshbot and my computer for the first time in days. A few weeks ago I got an email with a subject line, “At Apple, we think you rock!” I thought it was spam, and had to have it read by a friend for confirmation that no, this wasn’t a prank, and yes, it really was a big-shot from Apple sounding cute and adorable and cool, and offering me a tour of the Mothership. I jumped at the chance (names and titles of Apple contacts have been changed).

So after a round of giddy emailing, Mark (not his real name) and I finally picked a time for me to make a trip to Cupertino. We had to wiggle around my insane porn blogging and book writing schedule and his super-secret product launches — our date was preceeded by “after Wednesday I’ll be human again; watch the news to see what I’ve been working on”. (It was the iPod video and new iMacG5. Hello — iMac G-fucking-5!) Mark is essentially the face of Apple; I was so nervous before my trip I had horrible insomnia and slept for only four hours.

When I got there, I found Mark to be so much like one of my friends it was unsettling; cute, cool, hilarious, down to earth — totally not the Borg. In fact, as we nochalantly processed through security and into the white-building’d complex that looks a bit like Logan’s Run or some other Star Trek utopia (where Spock gets emotions), I was surprised to see, well, a diverse range of cool looking people. And they all seemed to be smiling, like all the time, making me ask about the Soylent Green in the food. At the cafe — lunch was out first stop — it was clear that the food had at least something to do with it. Floor to ceiling windows ushered in light, greenery and sky, and outside tables were parked near lawn and tress if employees wanted fresh air with their fresh food. The selection of amazing-looking food prepared by chefs on the spot was mind-boggling; we chose sushi. “Steve had the chefs flown in from Japan,” my guide told me. There was a startling amount of vegan items on every menu (yay!), including the sushi because “Steve is a vegan.” I was all cool about it and said, “Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do, fly in my own chefs. When I’m, like…” My host actually giggled. I finished, “Steve.”

We sat and ate and chatted like crazy; I asked all about Apple and where they did the animal sacrifices (“Ever scrubbed goat’s blood out of a white iPod?”), and we talked about my writing and work, and of course, about podcasting. We did talk about lots of stuff that won’t get blogged, and the part about the goat I made up, but I walked away with a few interesting tidbits:

* My host did some investigating; ‘censorship’ of my podcast was never intentional.
* Apple is beyond cool with my podcast and those like it.
* Everyone likes having choice now when it comes to radio.
* I got lots of questions about my opinions on podcasting.

After, I got a great tour and met lots of really cool people who do stuff you see all the time; the people who are literally the voice and look of Apple. Walking across campus a *hot* boy ran up and asked if I was me; I still was. He wanted to make a point of meeting me. “I just listened to four of your podcasts in a row! I had to wait a minute before getting up, though,” he smiled. I was totally dying. They knew how to break me. Later I met the woman who wrote the famous “Do not chew” text; totally hot, funny, smart. Why were they all so cute? Just what kind of hiring policy did that Steve guy have? *My* kind, for sure.

We continued on through the buildings; one man smiled to me in the hall, “Don’t believe a word he says,” indicating my host. I met the smiling QuickTime man in the hall; “He *is* QuickTime,” I was told. He didn’t have a big blue “Q” on his chest; does he have it tattooed somewhere then, I wonder? I found out that Steve Jobs really does wear turtlenecks all the time; I’m convinced it’s to hide the gang tattoos as well. Or maybe embarrasing old Apple logo tattoos on his neck. I plied my host for hours, trying to get dirt and gossip out of him; I wanted to know about Steve’s Vaseline Slip ‘N Slide in his office, who the campus streakers were, when were the podcast beer bash key parties? Where can I get my Apple logo crotchless panties? Where did the stripper poles go in the conference rooms? Can I bring the Marching Band next time? Who’s the perviest celebrity Apple groupie? (Al Gore, I was told; he always asks about the bathroom at every event. That’s the best I could do.)

Well, I wasn’t invited to any employee human pony shows, but I had an awesome time at Apple anyway — not only did it make every crap job I’ve ever had look even crappier (they have free candy sprinkles in the cafe, dammit), but I got lots of answers to my podcasting questions and found out that Apple kinda digs me. Like, we’re friends with benefits.

Best conversation thread:
Me:”I guess my Apple fetish is pretty serious, I mean, when I order a new product from you, I immediately want to pose with it naked.”
Him: (looks thoughtful for a minute) “Well, I guess that’s okay. I mean, the logo — we just can’t have it used the wrong way.”
Me: “Oh, I know. I *did* make a photo with the logo on my butt.”
Him: “No, I mean… it’s fine. You just can’t use the logo to sell any goods or services. So you just can’t use the, uh, ass, for commercial services or profit.”
Me: “No problem there.”

I hope to visit again soon. Saturday I read in LitQuake, which was awesome, especially since I got to share the stage with one of my favorte writers and greatest inspirations, Mark Pritchard. Mark was *amazing*. Wonderfully, I also ran into Charles Gatewood afterward and made a plan to do sone fetish pics this month, yay!

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