Open Source Sex 19, with ‘video’

I think I did it! I’m watching it download through iTunes right now… my very first erotic “video” podcast! I really hope it works.

It’s essentially an audio podcast with a slideshow of erotic images to go with it, and it should play in iTunes, in QuickTime or on an iPod with video. I’ve been working on this for two days straight, having taken a break from my books to do something fun… lube up my RSS and see what I can cram into it. I’ve got a number of photographers and indy porn filmmakers who are interested in collaborating with me if I can make it work the way I want it to. They’ll provide video or photo content and I provide words (my own and from contributing authors). But the stumbling block, of course, has been the software. I seem to want to do things that there isn’t quite the tech for yet… and then I discover that there is; I’m just using it for, let’s just say, not its intended use.

So enjoy Open Source Sex #19 (post @ with links to info and video/audio file)! Let me know what you think…

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Research help

I know what you’re thinking. “Research.” Really.

Does anyone know of any good tiny tit, flat-chested or small boob blogs or sites? The world is overflowing with big boob sites. Anyone know of any itty bitty titty committee sites, ones that aren’t lame paysites? Please send me your links — it’s for the greater good of the boob world, I swear: violet at tinynibbles dot com

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Lips Like Sugar

lips.jpgSwitching gears — I have horrible writer’s block today. I’ve been working on Best Women’s Erotica 2006 a bit and mostly Lips Like Sugar for the past two days. I’m thrilled with the cover.

My pictures from Halloween are up, the highlights are:

* Best three costumes — Shaun of the Dead, Tyrone, and Shuffle guy. I dresssed my pal Chriso in drag (it was *so* much fun to make him a Goth girl), and with his boyfriend and Shaun we went to a friend’s house between a Muni stop and the Castro celebration, where a big group of us (lots of SFSI people) held up numbers to grade costumes and handed out shots of various alcohols to ‘winners’, or just hotties.
* No one got that I was Baby Firefly from House of 1000 Corpses. I even memorized her lines. Sigh.
* Tyrone was amazing: he had the high-pitched voice down and when when I told him I was giving him ‘liquid crack’ he squeaked, “oh, alright” and downed it. We all shouted, “You’re way better than season three!”
* The Shuffle costume was awesome! The huge earbuds were actually speakers run off a real shuffle he had stashed inside the costume — whenever someone hit one of the costume’s controls, he’d press the corresponding button on the Shuffle in his costume. Fully functional!
* One weird loser and his mulleted friend were unintentionally hilarious. He walked up to us lugging his huge wooden cross and we said, “What kind of costume is that!?” He told us he was here to pray for all of of us because we were all “sick.” I squealed, “OHMIGAWD, that’s hilarious!” and snapped this picture right after I said it — his expression says it all. In the next moment, a Jesus costume walked by and we were all like, “There’s Jesus! This is *so* perfect!” Jesus looked kinda drunk, and just waved and stumbled by.
* Saturday a group of friends and I went to the yearly party at a local dominatrix’s house and she took us intio her astoundingly beautiful dungeon for a tour; photos begin here.
* Also Saturday, don’t forget the “Whoo Girls“, a group of drag queens who showed up to the dominatrix’s party along with another group — a mob of angry villagers led by Frankenstein and Igor. It was quite a party. But the Whoo Girls were all named Katelyn, and were inspired by black drag Katelyn’s recent experience in a Mission district bar where she overheard two blonde Marina district girls talk about how they liked to visit the Mission bars because they are “edgy and dangerous”. (Meaning, poor and Latino.) So they all dressed like Marina chicklets, and ran around going “Whoooo!” like the women in the Girls Gone Wild videos. Hilarious! They later left and met at a bar with another costumed group of Abe Lincolns who were all gay and calling themselves the “G’abe Lincolns.”
* At that same party, someone I thought was a friend went on and on about he (and someone else I thought was a friend) had been joking about publicly ridiculing my blog and sex writing style — it was in a really mean way, and quite humiliating in front of a total stranger, and he really ripped into me. Fucking ouch. I egged him on to see just how far he would go, and now I know that I have a few less friends than I thought. He even quoted lines from my blog! Good to know. I was really hurt for a minute until I realized he was being cruel for the fun of it, which somehow took away the pain fairly quickly.
* Jackson made us all a killer breakfast Sunday morning. He’s kicking ass on Fleshbot.
* There were weird drunks in front of my house when I got home. I think they got lost on the way back to the Marina. Woo!
* Tonight if I can’t write I’m going to be working on a podcast experiment. More soon…

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I love Halloween — and I’ve got a bunch of pictures forthcoming. But first pull on a costume and treat yourself (or trick out to) Halloween porn:

* listen to Open Source Sex 18, with two hot pieces of Halloween erotica (and plenty of oral sex, yum)
* Porn Bread never fails to oooh and ahhh (or eeew and ugh) on every holiday: Halloween is no exception
* erotic vampire movie picks at Viviane’s Sex Carnival
* Dacia directs us to pumpkin dildo creations (and how to make them)

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