Today radio, oral sex


Image: me with Michael Soldier on NPR last week in the window at ATA.

Today, I’m off to give an oral sex lecture with Thomas Roche for SFSI students — or as someone put it, I’ll be “discussing deep-throating in front of 35 puppy-dog-eyed newly-minted superfreaks.”

After that I’m off to do the radio show: this week I’m interviewing Tristan Taormino about her new book, new movie and anal orgasms. No, she won’t be here in SF, she’ll be on the phone, but anyone happening by will be able to listen in on our discussion. When I get the audio file after, I’ll start post-production on a video version and an audio version for podcasting. Read more about today’s NPR schedule at SFMetblogs. Also laugh at the hilarious comments in this post where I’m accused of “dumbing-down” [SFMetblogs with] “cheap t&a” photos. (Those words are from the email she sent my editor, ha.) Personal attacks are funny, especially when they’re from prudes. As Mark always tells me when I tell him stories at our machine shop about making people mad at me, “If you’re pissing someone like that off, you’re doing the right thing.”

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Kewl things to read

couplescovermed.jpg* Over at the Gate, Mark Morford has an excellent article (with lots o links) about high-end vibrators, including the 24k gold one Kate Moss just bought. It is my responsibility to note that I have a huge chapter on high-end sex toys (+ reviews, and not just vibrators but ebony butt plugs and all) in my upcoming book, The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys. But, oh yeah, baby — Mark puts his trademark sexy run-on sentences all over those vibes in a way that makes you wanna bust out the credit card…

* My Fleshbot snuggle-bunny Jonno has been on all the right meds this week — or as he put it, “it doesn’t rain fun sex links, it pours!” (He also wrote, “OMG NOT SPIDEY!!!”) Die laughing when you click Her Cruel Feet, check out the STD warning coasters in this Wet Spots, and shoot coffee out your nose with Let’s Sexy English! (Decoded slightly on Boing Boing in a billion reader comments; worth clicking both links if you love the Engrish.)

* And no, please make it stop: Bush administration wants mandatory website labeling. This is for real, and very serious. Are we in China yet?

* On that same note, Viviane blogs Cory Silverberg’s *superb* article, What’s Wrong With Reporting On Sex? and this is another case where the comments are as powerful and valuable as the piece. For instance, pair the above link to the Bush web labeling with the following comment from A New York John: “I ran through google the other day the key words “banning contraception” and was floored by the number of sites promoting this idea. The puritans are also on the net, doing what they can to bring society further in thier direction. But so long as we keep the First Amendment, they will not stop the spreading of idea. (Of course, they would argue that our discussions about sexual freedom equate to topics not protected by the First Amendment).”

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Erotic art sale of the century (so far)

baerotic1.jpgWhat I wouldn’t give to see this auction (and lemme tell ya how weird it is to write *those* words). Apparently a huge collection of erotic art is going under the hammer at Christie’s in Paris next week, including an original manuscript of Story of O, over 100 autographed notes from the Marquis de Sade in his revisions of Justine, an edition of Fanny Hill once owned by Graham Greene, surrealist art and much more. It’s interesting to note the writer’s demonstrations of distaste in this article about the sale and collection, even going so far as to present it as “wife says it’s got to go!” while later in the article reveals that the family is actually keeping certain gems for themselves, such as an original manuscript of de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom. Methinks the lady doth protest too much… In fact, the article goes on to say about the original collector, “On first meeting with Monique, the woman who became his wife, he gave her a copy of A History of 18th-Century Courtesans.” But than again, this is written by a Brit who in his own words sees the British representation of erotica (as seen in the collection) as “six of the best, all slap and no tickle”. Hmm, that actually sounds fun… Regardless, Erotic sale of the century (wife says it’s got to go) is a fasinating read, with a fun ending.

Let’s just hope that whoever buys this collection doesn’t lock it away in a private case somewhere. That would be the arts and culture equivalent of all slap and no tickle.

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Cool things I didn’t buy

sexchecks.jpgI just took a short trip to the Castro and saw two very cool things I didn’t buy but might go back for; one was the IOU Sex check set from Chronicle Books, which is the best treatment of erotic coupons I’ve ever seen. (They look ugly on Amazon’s bad scan, but great in person.) Tear one out and give it to a lover — no gender is assumed so anyone can use them — and the wickedness ranges from makeout sessions to spankings, role-play, sex in public and even sex toys! Nice.

The other cool thing I didn’t buy is Use This Book, a spiral-bound reference book full of really useful, odd things like dance steps, instructions for building a sundial, tear-out tags and signs like “do not disturb”, a poisonous plant guide, Scrabble words list, common ailments and their remedies, cool muscular/skeleton charts, a fast food nutrition guide (!) and more. Someone needs to do a sex version of this… vibrator repair, lube ingredients lists, porn search tips, erogenous zone map, etc…

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Church whipper


Things sure are different (at the Academy Christian Church) in Colorado Springs. She’s the church whipper (also more here). Don’t forget the Burka Shirker, which is somehow even more blasphemous. Thank you, Noel. We miss you in SF.

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Busy, crazy girl…

I’m crazed with the Best Women’s Erotica 2007 anthology submissions right now; I took a break for lunch yesterday with my friend Kathryn and she asked me, “don’t you get tired of the sex writing?” I do; that’s why I’ve been blowing off steam at Metroblogging SF. Highlights include my friend (and MT goddess) Kathryn’s bloggy/soggy venture into training for SF AIDS Lifecycle ride season, gossip from an SRL pal about Quentin Tarantino hanging out at local bar Zeitgeist, rent-a-cops learning how to count (with a nice follow-up prank), the San Francisco Film Fests‘s SF360 one city, one film event and more. I’ve also been switching gears chatting, advising and ranting on the Stockroom Forums. Secret: if you have a sex question for me, it’s the quickest way to get an answer…

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